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Monthly Archives: March 2014

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  • Natural/Sable Glaze Now Recommended

    We are happy to announce the reclassification of Natural with Sable glaze from Not Available (NA) to Recommended (R) on Alder and Cherry. In the past, this finish combination presented significant challenges which prevented the combination from being consistently replicated. Recent changes in our finishing operation have made this finish combination more consistent and repeatable on select species. Please note that this finish combination is only available on Alder and Cherry; remaining species are still classified as Not Available.

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  • Two New Grey Colourtones

    Grey has now become one of the most fashionable neutral colors, trailing only white in popularity. With shades ranging from off-white to light black, grey is an extremely versatile color and can be found in a variety of hues including blue-grey, brown-grey, green-grey and more.

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  • New Weathered Grain Products

    Our Weathered Grain option has generated a great deal of interest, ranking among the top sellers in our recent introductions. The weathering process adds significant texture to the face of select five-piece doors, slab doors and custom front frames to create the look of aged barn wood. Based on the favorable reaction, the Weathered Grain option is being expanded to include additional products.

    • The weathering option can be applied to edge profiles of weathered doors and drawer fronts.
    • The #538, #1126 and #1529 Shaker Crown mouldings, and #2073 Refacer’s moulding can now receive the Weathered Grain option.
    • The maximum panel width has been increased to 26”.
    • Lineal length framing is eligible for the Weathering Grain option.
    • Walnut and Thermally Treated Poplar are now eligible species.

    For complete product and pricing information, refer to page 5.10C in the Custom Product Manual.

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