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Conestoga Wood Specialties Introduces Metal Fusion

Drawing influence from mid-century, eclectic design, Conestoga Wood Specialties is pleased to introduce a new high-quality metal finish line, Metal Fusion.

Industry and customer research have identified the Conestoga_013_smeclectic mix of materials - including metals - as a rising trend. Our new Metal Fusion finishes create a unique focal point and adds sophistication to any custom kitchen design with the premium look of genuine metal coatings. In a research survey, 82% of our customers identified lower cost as their #1 wish for metal components.

“Metal Fusion is a cost effective solution and excellent alternative to solid metal components,” says Jeff Eichenseer, Director of Marketing at Conestoga Wood Specialties. “Utilization of different materials in the kitchen is becoming quite a norm. This new line is the perfect example of a durable, lightweight, easy to work with solution to keeping on trend.”

Not to be mistaken for a metallic paint, Our metal coatings are equipped with the same, if not better characteristics of solid metals; made with 75% real metal particles and can offer a 45% savings with hardwood components.

A palette of seven rich metallic shades are offered – Brass, Bronze, Copper, Iron, Nickel, Silver, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and White Gold. Each finish is available with three treatment options, including Satin with Patina, Polished, and Polished with Patina, for a total of 21 distinct effects. These finishes are available on architectural accent pieces such as range hoods, mouldings, corbels, appliques, table legs, posts and bun feet, and more.

Visit here to browse all Metal Fusion finish options.