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Finishing Spotlight- DuraPure

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Formaldehyde Free Finish Option

 Jason Earhart, Finishing Technical Manager

Reducing indoor air contaminates has become a growing area of concern for many consumers.  The search for environmentally friendly product alternatives includes paints, drywall, carpeting, adhesives, wood finishes and other building and remodeling materials.  Many companies are ramping up the efforts and quickly introducing new products in an attempt to gain a share of this emerging market. However, the desire to find formaldehyde free and low VOC products doesn’t necessarily mean that consumers are willing to sacrifice performance, quality or overall appearance.

Conestoga has been researching and testing Green finish alternatives for several years, but the search has proved frustrating at times, as many of the materials we’ve tested do not provide the level of durability, quality and repeatability that both we and our customers have come to expect.  Recently, we discovered a line of sealers and topcoats that meet the criteria our customers have been asking for, and can be applied using our normal process. The DuraPure program eliminates concerns regarding formaldehyde off gassing and provides manufacturers with a new degree of flexibility in meeting environmental regulations and consumer demand for a Green finish.

Available with Conestoga’s complete palette of wiping stains, Truetones and glazes, DuraPure DuraPuresealers and topcoats achieve Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certification, and are verified to be formaldehyde free. A side benefit is that these topcoats do not produce the strong, offensive odors generated by many traditional conversion varnishes.  This results in an improved work environment within your shop, and far more pleasant homeowner experience.

You shouldn’t have to choose between high performance and a healthier environment, so if you’d like a sealer and topcoats that provide the depth and durability of conventional products without the formaldehyde, try our DuraPure option on your next order.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised about how good it looks.

For more information on our DuraPure program, see page 6.2B in our Custom Product Manual.