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Glazes on Prism Paints

Add depth and definition to your kitchen cabinets

Since the inception of the Prism Paints program we have continuously worked to expand the offering to include new shades of white and off white to meet customer requests.  With almost 1,200 paint colors, the program is expanding once again.  This time, we are introducing five glaze options that are available on the majority of our Prism Paint colors to add depth and definition to your kitchen cabinets and accessories.

Glaze options include Caramel, Chai, Coffee, Oyster, and Pewter.  Each glaze will be available on all Prism Paints, with the exception of the Energetic Brights found at the back of the Fan Deck. The Whites and Brights Collection introduced in the winter of 2013, and the New Shades of White introduced in the summer of 2013 are also eligible for glazing.  All Prism Paints with glaze will receive a 15 sheen topcoat.