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Conestoga Introduces Five On-trend Beauties to their Colourtone Program

It’s Colourtone evaluation time at Conestoga Wood Specialties. That means it’s time to enhance our Colourtone offering by bringing into the fold some fabulous new on-trend colors, while demoting some colors that, well, are a bit past their prime.

We’re extremely excited to introduce these new Colourtone choices:

Arctic White: As the name implies, it’s the most brilliant, truest white in our Colourtone collection. Think bright sunshine on a fresh blanket of snow…that’s Arctic White’s dazzling intensity.

Canyon: From the brilliance of the cold tundra, to the warmth and richness of the American West, the subtle burnt reddish-brown of Canyon will captivate the eye, and warm the soul.

Heron: It’s time for calm, and the pale soft grey of Heron fits the bill. It’s a perfect complement to creamy whites, darker shades of grey, and natural woods.

Marina: Inspired by the clear blue hues of tropical waters, Marina is a gentle light blue pastel with the strength to stand on its own, yet never overpower.

Regent Blue: It’s midnight blue at its deepest, making a bold, confident statement, while at once creating a sense of space.

Says Jeff Eichenseer, Conestoga Director of Marketing and Product Development, “We’re thrilled to bring these exciting new Colourtones to market. We think they’re striking…and we know they fit the trends perfectly.”

“We will be discontinuing Classic Burgundy, Creamy Butter, Sage, Sandstone, and Slate Blue at the end of December 2016, at which point those colors will be available in the Prism Paints line, and priced accordingly.”