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Conestoga West Now Offers More Miter Frame Door Design Options

The structural integrity, blind tenon construction, and molded framing of Conestoga Wood’s plywood panel miter frame doors and drawer fronts has just been expanded. Introducing Holbrook PP and Riverton PP, two exciting new door styles now available to Conestoga West customers. Precision crafted 45-degree mitered corner joints have always been a hallmark of high-end, elegant sophistication, and ideal for displaying multi-step finishes. And Conestoga continues to offer more and more of these options to customers from coast to coast.Jeff Eichenseer, Conestoga Director of Marketing & Product Development, explains, “There’s nothing quite like the clean, precise look of the mitered joint. It’s long been a customer favorite. That’s why we continue to expand this offering to meet the demands of discriminating homeowners who desire this clean, classic look. In addition, while these doors and drawer fronts consist of select, predetermined profiles, and in most cases the designer still has the flexibility to work with interchangeable outside edge profiles to create a variety of transitional or traditional designs.

“At Conestoga, highest quality and consistency have always contributed to our reputation as the industry leader. But so too has our unrelenting effort to offer a plethora of choices for manufacturers, designers, and homeowners alike. These exciting new plywood panel miter frame door options are yet another example of how our desire to please simply knows no bounds. “