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Conestoga Wood Specialties’ Expanded Prism Paints Offering is Now Available from their West Coast Operation

Conestoga Wood Specialties has long been regarded as the industry leader in providing a vast array of color choices for their Painted wood, Hybrid, and MDF components. Last year, with the help of their Prism Paint partner, Sherwin-Williams, Conestoga raised their paint color bar by well over 35% – from nearly 1,100 options to over 1,500 – from whites and pastels, to deep tones, to exciting bolds and brights. And now these offerings are available in western states through Conestoga West.

 Jeff Eichenseer, Conestoga Director of Marketing & Product Development, puts it like this: “For our Prism Paint collection, we work on an ongoing basis with Sherwin-Williams who, as everyone knows, is the first and last name in premium paints. They helped us up our color ante from just shy of 1,100 to over 1,520 colors – all collected in a single, convenient fan deck, organized by color type.

“The obvious next phase was to make them available through our west coast operation. Now Conestoga West can apply any of these color options to any of the components we offer. Plus, customers can purchase loose gallons to apply these colors to cabinet parts they build in-house. It’s truly color flexibility beyond compare!”