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Conestoga Wood Specialties’ Enhances their Pilaster Post Offering to Include Popular Slab Design

The Pilaster Post has long been used as an effective way to “hide” such structural elements as metal posts and other necessary supports, and to give the visual impression of large, sturdy support columns. While decorative in nature, they’re a common sense solution to enhancing kitchen design and styling, while serving a key practical purpose.

Conestoga Wood has provided inspired Pilaster Post designs for decades. Now, in response to many customer requests, they have expanded their Pilaster Post offering to include the ever-popular Slab design in their program.

Conestoga’s Pilaster Posts can now be ordered with one or more Slab sides incorporated right into the 2, 3, and 4-sided, 5-piece Pilaster Posts, or as the popular standalone Slab Pilaster Post.

Jeff Eichenseer, Conestoga Director of Marketing & Product Development, explains, “For decades, we’ve been ‘hiding’ the less than aesthetically pleasing yet totally necessary structural posts and such with visually appealing ‘covers,’ if you will…Pilaster Posts. This not only creates a great look, but our Pilaster Posts also give the visual impression of finely crafted large support columns. Designers and homeowners love the look and practicality. And because we are continually researching what customers want, we were able to ascertain that incorporating our very popular Slab design into our program would be well received. And it has been!”