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Conestoga West Introduces Six New Stains That Take Richness and Warmth to Stunning New Depths

For customers looking for rich stained beauty in their custom cabinetry, Conestoga delivers “six ways to Sunday!” Regardless of hue, the warmth, richness, and finish consistency of these new additions are key common denominators driving these luscious looks.

From our daringly dark Carbon, a nearly black wipe that still manages to let the wood’s natural grain subtly shine through with consistent definition and uniformity, to the engaging full-bodied feel of our deep brown Java that looks fantastic with Black glaze, to Storm Cloud, a deep grey wiping stain that, while color-rich, doesn’t overpower the beauty of the wood grain and, again, pairs perfectly with Black glaze for an even deeper depth.

On the slightly lighter side, our Tawny wiping stain has undergone reformulation to be reborn as Cinnamon, the spray version of our golden brown tone whose application all but eliminates the potential blotchiness that lighter colors can create on Alder, Cherry, and Maple. Fog, a lighter neutral shade of grey, provides a perfect canvas for a plethora of accent colors. Additionally, enhancing Fog with either our Black or Chocolate glaze takes it to a dramatic and completely different look and feel. Going rich medium brown with our Hazelnut is a true winner, especially as a base for one of our darker glazes. This core color is a natural for any finish palette.

Says Jeff Eichenseer, Conestoga Director of Marketing & Product Development, “When it comes to stain trends, we work tirelessly to fulfill desire and demand. And with these latest rich and luxurious color choices, we believe that we continue to hit the mark. As usual, we strive to complement new finishes with our array of glazes and make them available on several species. Plus, through our DuraGuard program, these and all of our stains, paints, glazes, primers, sealer, topcoats and catalyst are available in quarts and gallons for use in your own finishing operation.”

Conestoga has always strived to deliver what the discriminating American homeowner wants in stain color and finish consistency, and this year’s rich, stunning new wiping and spraying stains are no exception.