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Conestoga Wood Specialties Continues to Push the Envelope by Offering Two Striking New Door Styles to Enhance Design Flexibility

Any kitchen designer or manufacturer who knows Conestoga Wood knows they can always count on new and inspired door designs being just around the corner. And, not to disappoint, here are two new styles that carry on the Conestoga tradition of always “keeping it fresh!”

Welcome the new Glasgow design, a striking style that features classic roots but in a fashion that lets it easily find a home within today’s popular tendencies toward transitional kitchen design. The Glasgow door and drawer front features a unique profile combination with square bead stiles and a simple yet prominent double stepped framing bead on 3” wide rails.

The Geneva breaks through as Conestoga’s newest addition to their collection of transitional style mortise & tenon designs. With 2-5/16” square bead stiles and 3” rails Geneva gives designers the flexibility to choose from any of six distinctive framing beads on the top and bottom rails. Plus, designers can push their sensibilities by drawing on a wide variety of wood species, edge profiles, and panel raises.

Jeff Eichenseer, Conestoga Director of Marketing & Product Development: “At Conestoga, “new” is often just that. Fresh, new door styles that really break through. And we love the idea of new! Who wouldn’t? But we also take great pride in our ability to reinterpret existing designs. That’s very rewarding to us, as well. And the Glasgow and Geneva designs are perfect examples of both.”