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Conestoga Wood Specialties’ Custom Charging Station Rout and Beverage Pod Inserts Make Modern Life Even Easier

Conestoga Wood has just introduced two new options that are right in line with the wants and needs of the 21st Century homeowner.

First, there’s the new Custom Charging Station Rout, which is machined into the back of a drawer box to accommodate charging stations, as well as in-drawer electrical receptacle devices. Charge cell phones, tablets, hairdryers, electric razors, what have you…right inside the drawer, for the ultimate out of sight recharging convenience.

For convenient thirst quencher storage, Conestoga introduces drawer storage units for individual beverage pods. The units accommodate 8, 16, or 24 individual serving pods and can be used independently or in conjunction with other drawer organization units such as cutlery dividers, knife block inserts, and spice inserts. Beverage Pod Inserts are available in Natural Birch, Hard Maple and Walnut to either match or provide an attractive contrast to the drawer box. With standard widths and heights, these Beverage Pod Inserts are customizable in depth from 16” to 22” in 1/16” increments. The inserts can also be ordered as “sized to fit” when ordered in combination with a specific drawer box.

Jeff Eichenseer, Conestoga Director of Marketing & Product Development, on these unique items: “We’re always striving to satisfy the wants and needs of the modern homeowner. Our Custom Charging Station Rout and Beverage Pod Inserts are just two more examples of that!”