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“When you asked me to prepare a testimonial regarding Conestoga I was so glad to do so. You may not know this but I have gone back with Conestoga for probably 30 years. I used to purchase my doors from Lawrence Denny of Hercules Sales from Roxboro NC. This was when Conestoga sold through distributors before they went factory direct. For 27 years I was [C0405], and now for the last 9 years, I am I0494 here at Ideal.

Potential to Increase Your Volume and Profit:

Purchasing doors from Conestoga allowed my business to do what they did best, and allowed Conestoga to contribute what they did best to the process. My philosophy is to outsource whatever you can whenever you can and devote your resources to doing what is easiest for you and harder to find elsewhere. Conestoga has provided an overwhelming and undeniable contribution to that process and mindset.

Primary Products Variety:

Conestoga provides hundreds of door styles, in multiple woods, with multiple options and details that enable this business to offer a bottomless cornucopia of options; enough to satisfy every demand that has ever entered any showroom.

Ancillary Support Products:

One of the most refreshing attributes is the myriad of little odd and end support products that compliment the door and drawer purchase and make shop life easier. Again, outsource what you can. Just all kinds of stuff that turn cabinets into Kitchens and Bars and Bathrooms and Offices that function wonderfully for clients.

Response to Market:

Conestoga usually doesn’t bring out the new big thing. However when a new door new color or new option hits the market; Conestoga studies and finds the best solution to address the new trend. While some might consider the process slow, I prefer that they don’t knee-jerk and offer a rushed and impractical solution. If the trend is solid the product offered is right in the bull’s eye of the trend and can help you move with the market.


Having bought Conestoga products for probably 30 years I can tell you that the quality is outstanding. Probably less than 1% failure or rejection rate. Most orders are perfect. In the rare instance that something is unacceptable, it is generally replaced without scrutiny in a timely manner. With other cabinet lines, I have seen a broken drawer front be worth the $15K final payment. Takes 6 weeks to get a replacement. What a punch in the cash bowl. The same thing happens with Conestoga occasionally. More often than not, we find the problem while unpacking the product; and when reported timely the response is rapid, and usually the replacement product goes on the cabinet before it leaves the shop, or the installer is still on site and gets it swapped. The client is usually unaware of the problem and there is NO impact on cash flow.


My businesses have always tracked “door dates” in a spreadsheet or database. When will the product arrive? We time our production to door dates. I will build a box in the blind, not having seen the doors. I will finish ends with Conestoga finishes and procedures. I will have a naked box sitting there ready to go the night before the product is to arrive. The product will arrive as promised, particularly if you can get big enough to be on a route truck. I will unpack the Conestoga product on the morning of arrival. All the products will be there. The finish will match the good end on the box. The drawers will fit inside the case perfectly as we both use tight measuring tolerances. My frameless line uses 3/32-inch reveals, so there is not a lot of room for oversizing or under-sizing. The faces will fit within our 1/64-inch tolerance almost always. I have already scheduled the product to be installed the next day. Day 1 – naked boxes staged and ready. Day 2 – product arrives, boxes get dressed. Day 3 – boxes, now finished cabinets, delivered and installation begins. That is how you make a business profitable. The finished goods only have a 3-day shelf life in the plant.

Complete and On Time:

Take the quality paragraph above and place it here again. Take the dependability paragraph above and also place it here again. Rename the paragraph Complete and On Time. I cannot emphasize how important this is to business. I have sideline production cells where we do fillers and countertops and specials and this and that. But we have one main line of throughput in casework. CNC Router, Boring, Banding, Assembly, Dress, Deliver and Install. We have to make wise decisions on the start order of jobs. But I can say without reservation, that if we have done our job when a Conestoga product hits the end of the line – it goes out to the job site just like the doors got here. COMPLETE AND ON TIME. And that is where the biggest benefit of a Conestoga relationship comes into play.


I have been in the construction industry since 1977. I have been in the cabinet business since 1983, this now being my 40th year. I have a degree in Wood Products Engineering from the State University of New York at Syracuse University. I am NKBA recognized as Certified Kitchen Designer 15416 for 29 years now.

I am overwhelmingly pleased with my relationship with Conestoga and have been for the longest time.”


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Greg Papenfus of Ideal Cabinets Design Studio

Shrader and Company

Conestoga is a good company that Schrader and Co. have been partnered with for well over 20 years. In that time we have watched them grow change and expand their offerings to fulfill the ever-changing demands and needs of the marketplace. We have modeled some of our systems by watching and learning from them.

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Shrader and Company Construction Services

Noles Cabinets, Inc.

Noles Cabinets, Inc., a North Carolina custom cabinet company since 1974, has been doing business with Conestoga Wood Specialties since 1998. In the mid 1990’s, Noles Cabinets wanted to expand its offerings of custom cabinetry to the triangle and surrounding areas and we looked for a company that we could partner with in doing that. Doug Noles, son of the founder of Noles Cabinets, did his research and worked with Conestoga Wood Specialties in customizing our needs. Conestoga has gone above and beyond to meet our needs in offering superb products and customer service. Products are delivered in a professional and timely manner. As the third-generation owners of Noles Cabinets step into the picture, we know we can count on Conestoga Wood Specialties to continue to offer quality products to meet the ever- changing trends. We appreciate our partnership and look forward to seeing where the next generation of cabinetry takes us!

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Noles Cabinets, Inc.

The Corsi Group

I’ve been ordering doors from Conestoga for over 20 years and the product offering and customization options has allowed us to provide high end custom cabinetry to our customers for decades.  We setup a direct EDI ordering process that allows us to receive an acknowledgement within minutes and reduced order entry errors.  Their IT team is great to work with and is very responsive to new additions and the ability to create automated data export requests is impressive.  Conestoga is a great company to work with and look forward to providing good quality and custom cabinetry to our great customers for many years to come.


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The Corsi Group

Boschen Design, Architecture

I’ve been working with Conestoga Wood for over 25 years and have seen the company grow and become an amazing resource for my business – the flexibility and customization of their product has been fabulous.  The use of Prism Paints has expanded what I have to offer my clients many fold.  Also, their customer service folks have been great.  They are readily available, ready to help and work closely with you to answer any questions that arise (and they always do). I’d be lost without them!  The quality of their product is 1st rate and since they’ve introduced Con-Nex have been my ‘go-to’ cabinet resource and will continue to be that resource for many years to come.


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Boschen Design, Architecture
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