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Cabinet Legs and Posts

While many kitchen cabinets are wall-mounted, it's common for certain styles to rest on the floor. These styles benefit from cabinet feet and legs to elevate them off the floor and add a visual finishing touch. Conestoga Wood Specialties has a wide selection of cabinet posts, feet, and legs for you to choose from when designing kitchens for your customers.

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Why Use Cabinet Legs?

Cabinet legs and posts help complete the look and design of a cabinet or kitchen island. If you’re designing a kitchen with an island, you may need to choose four posts to make up the corners of the island for support while other applications might be to simply enhance the aesthetic. Cabinet legs and feet are also beneficial when you incorporate floor-mounted cabinet boxes into your design for customers.

Cabinet Column Legs vs. Feet

The difference between cabinet feet, legs and posts is mainly their height. The variations include:

  • Cabinet feet: Feet are normally shorter than legs and posts. They are ideal for use with cabinet boxes that don’t need much additional height. They are often utilized when the client “furniture” looks to cabinets.
  • Cabinet legs: Legs are between posts and feet in height. They work with kitchen islands that have a wide base or smaller cabinet boxes that you want to elevate.
  • Cabinet posts: Cabinet posts are typically used on the corners of kitchen islands. They can resemble legs or provide a decorative element on each corner of an island to elevate the design.

Cabinet Feet, Leg and Post Styles

Our cabinet legs, feet and posts are available in various styles, so you’re sure to find a look that works for you, whether your customers want a contemporary kitchen, traditional kitchen or farmhouse-style kitchen. These architectural wood columns come in options like:

  • Greco-Roman: Perfect for a classic kitchen design, Greco-Roman leg styles feature intricately carved details and scrolling. They look at home in a traditional or transitional kitchen. 
  • Country French: The farmhouse look is still going strong, and country French-style feet or posts are the ideal match for it. With soft round details, country French feet fit beautifully on an elegant cabinet box or large kitchen island.
  • Square: Square feet complement the design of more modern kitchens, whether the kitchen is embracing a mid-century style or aiming for a more contemporary look. Since they have a larger footprint than narrow legs or posts, square feet command attention and act as the perfect foundation for more substantial cabinets.
  • Mission: Mission-style furniture and kitchen cabinetry value simplicity and streamlined design. In the same way, our Mission-style legs and posts are sturdy and attractive without calling too much attention to themselves.

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Conestoga Wood Specialties is a leading provider of cabinet doors and components in the U.S. We want to help you design the best spaces for your customers with our products. 

Browse our selection of cabinet legs, posts and feet to find the styles that complement your customers’ overall kitchen plans and designs. If you have any questions about our products or need help placing an order, contact us today.