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Wood Corbels

If you'd like to offer your customers beautifully elegant kitchens, consider incorporating cabinet brackets, also called wood corbels, into your designs. These decorative touches elevate a room, adding elegance and style. Our selection of wood corbels will enhance your designs and make your cabinets stand out.

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What Are Decorative Wood Corbels?

Corbels are a type of decorative wall bracket. These architectural elements are commonly found in homes and older buildings, and they are the kind of feature people notice but don’t know the name of. 

Wood corbels can serve both aesthetic and functional purposes. They can be purely decorative but can also help to support a shelf, cabinet or another structure. Traditionally, corbels were used to provide support to archways. While modern construction techniques mean that most arches don’t need extra support, people still often choose to incorporate corbels into their kitchen and home designs because they like how these pieces look. 

Benefits of Incorporating Corbels

With their blend of form and function, corbels have multiple benefits, including:

  • Add elegance and beauty: Wood corbels are often carved into intricate designs, adding a level of sophistication to a kitchen or most any room in a home. Depending on the overall style, the corbels may be elaborate or simple. 
  • Support shelving and cabinets: Corbels traditionally provided support to structures and in some cases, they still do. You may use corbels as the support brackets for a wood shelf or add them underneath a cabinet to help hold it up.
  • Frame an oven or stove: Another way to add a decorative touch with corbels is to place them on either side of a stove or oven to create a frame. You can add the corbels to the edges of a range hood or use them as brackets under a shelf. 

How to Use Corbels in a Kitchen

Need some ideas for incorporating wood corbels into your company’s kitchen designs? We can help. Some concepts include:

  • Attach them to the corners of islands: Corbels can put the finishing touch on the four corners of a kitchen island. Choose a design that matches the overall aesthetic of the kitchen you’re designing.
  • Install them under cabinets and shelves: Whether you’re using them for support or as a purely decorative detail, corbels fit perfectly beneath cabinets or underneath kitchen shelving.
  • Use them as wall decorations: You can also use single wood corbels in your overall kitchen design. Consider attaching corbels to the walls of your customers’ kitchens to add a decorative flair.  

Contact Conestoga Wood Specialties for Kitchen Corbels

Conestoga Wood Specialties has a large selection of wood corbels to choose from. From hand-carved scrolls to sleek and modern brackets, our products can finish the look of your kitchen designs and help you attract more customers with your elegance and style. Contact us today to learn more about how to put our corbels to work for you.