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Most Popular Cabinet Doors

Popular Cabinet Door Style Options

Selecting the right cabinet doors significantly impacts the overall design of any space, and the possibilities are nearly endless. Begin your search for new kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors that are right for your clients by browsing through some of our most requested door styles. 

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Conestoga Wood Specialties’ Materials

Conestoga Wood Specialties uses high-quality materials to create beautiful cabinetry. The material for cabinet doors will significantly impact the overall look and feel of the space. At Conestoga, you can choose between solid wood, plywood panels, medium-density fiberboard, decorative laminate veneer and thermally textured surfaces. You can also choose from a selection of more than two dozen wood species to reflect the desired taste and style.

Popular Cabinet Door Styles and Trends

Cabinetry is a focal point in any space. The right style, color and material can enhance the area while providing functionality and durability.

Popular cabinet door styles include:

  • Raised panel: Add dimension with the raised panel style. The center profiles on these doors offer various designs, from complex to simple. Traditional or formal settings often embrace this style to create a sophisticated look and unique focal point.
  • Shaker: This cabinet style is one of the most popular for kitchens. Shaker cabinet doors embody clean lines and emphasize functionality and utility. This style suits decor from traditional to contemporary, making it easy to change looks over time. 
  • Textures or mattes: Many people are after bold design through texture and mattes for their cabinets. Using medium-density fiberboard, you get a cost-effective and durable option that allows you to choose from solid colors, high gloss finishes and matte options. 
  • Slab door: Mid-century modern and contemporary designs often showcase slab doors. Following this trend can create a unique style that’s easy to clean. Many minimalists also enjoy the flat panel style because it adds character without being overwhelming. 
  • Inset: Although this style is more costly, it provides a long-lasting, classic look. Inset cabinet style requires precise measurements and rests inside the cabinet frame. You can hide the hinges for a sleek look or emphasize them in complementary colors to make a bold statement.
  • Beaded: Beaded cabinet details embrace the cottage style with the look of traditional paneling. This option may be more popular in bathrooms, but some kitchens could use the decorative look for a unique focal point.


Find Popular Cabinet Doors at Conestoga

Conestoga Wood Specialties marries trends with high-quality craftsmanship. With us, you can find custom cabinetry solutions and a team of dedicated and experienced professionals ready to enhance any space. Reach out for more information about our materials or processes or to place an order.