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Simply put, Slab cabinet doors are minimalistic by design for a sleek aesthetic that is easy to maintain. They are particularly suited for transitional and contemporary settings, and our extensive paint and stain options offer countless design possibilities. 

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Slab Cabinet Doors

The simple, flat surfaces of slab cabinet doors offer interior designers a cost-effective way to dive into a minimalistic style. Slab cabinet doors are timeless, whether contributing to a sleek space or pairing with elements that complement eclectic or transitional design schemes. Their seamless surface also creates a sense of flow and a uniform look. 

Custom slab cabinet doors allow you to harness their versatility and modern appeal for your interior design projects, creating spaces that exude elegance. These cabinet doors are easy to clean and maintain thanks to their flat surfaces, and since their design features little room to accumulate dust, they are excellent for applications in high-traffic areas.

Inspiring Versatility

Slab cabinet doors serve as a canvas for various design styles. Customize your order with different material selections, fine details and more:

  • Aesthetic options: Highlight the intricacies and beauty of eye-catching finishes and materials when you install kitchen cabinet doors with a clean slab style. This design is ideal for showcasing the luxury of high-gloss laminates, the subtlety of matte finishes or the rich grain of natural wood slab doors.
  • Design style: These cabinet doors can be adjusted to integrate with contemporary, traditional and transitional design styles.
  • Material selection: From solid wood slab doors to plywood panels, medium-density fiberboard, decorative laminate veneer and more, you have many choices when you work with our team. We’ll help you find the perfect material, finish and wood species to suit your vision.

Quality and Dependability

Our slab cabinet doors are made using advanced technology under the supervision of dedicated, trained craftspeople. We source and use only the best materials for your order, aligning lumber specifications with market needs to minimize our environmental impact. 

In addition to producing high-quality cabinet doors, we deliver your order using our in-house fleet, Conestoga Wood Transportation. Maintaining our own delivery service allows us to control the shipping process for minimal risk of damage and ensure complete, on-time delivery.

Explore Slab Cabinet Doors With Conestoga Wood Specialties

Explore our selection of sleek slab cabinet doors and the more than 1,000 ways to customize them according to your client’s design needs. Our in-house experts are here to help you find the perfect cabinet door design to complement your vision. We can also assist you in presenting Conestoga Wood Specialties cabinet door selections to your clients. 

Contact our Sales support representatives through our online form to place your order. You can also call us at 1-800-964-3667 for assistance.