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Super Matte Cabinet Doors

Super Matte is a cabinet finish with a sleek, flat look. This alternative surface door is one of the most popular in kitchens and baths, bringing a soft, warm look to your home.

Conestoga Wood Specialties makes custom Super matte cabinet doors for kitchen and bath designers. Your customers will appreciate the quality and the beauty of the super matte finish in their home for years to come.

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Alternative Surfaces

What Is a Super Matte Cabinet Door Finish?

A super matte cabinet door has a low-gloss and a low-sheen finish of five degrees. The result is a flat look that doesn’t absorb light. While the super matte finish has been around for a while, it has become a popular kitchen design trend in recent years. The smooth edges and subtle reflections give a soft and cozy look many people want.

The super matte finish can be used with many wood species to fit modern and traditional kitchen designs.

Edge-banded slab doors and shaker-style cabinet doors pair best with a super matte surface. Their designs add depth and contrast behind the flat finish.

Why Choose Super Matte Cabinet Doors?

Super matte cabinet doors offer many advantages, including:

  • Blemish concealment: Scratches, fingerprints, stains and smudges are harder to notice on super matte cabinet doors. Since the super matte texture reflects little light, it camouflages the blemishes instead of highlighting them.
  • Practical maintenance: Super matte finishes are practical for day-to-day use because they don’t need frequent cleaning to maintain their look.
  • Softness and elegance: Super matte is a unique finish that is soft to the touch and creates an elegant aesthetic.
  • A unique texture: In a large kitchen or open floor plan, high gloss cabinet doors can overwhelm the space, especially if the countertops also have a glossy finish. Super matte cabinet doors contrast shiny surfaces to bring more texture into the kitchen.

Design Considerations for Super Matte Cabinet Doors

Consider these factors when deciding if a super matte kitchen is right for your design:

  • Design theme: Kitchens with a dark, moody appearance look best with super matte cabinet doors since the texture is non-reflective.
  • Lighting: The super matte texture softens and absorbs natural light. This quality is ideal for well-lit kitchens, where super matte cabinet doors can add depth and dimension to the room.
  • Flooring: Since matte contrasts with gloss, super matte cabinet doors are an excellent choice for kitchens with glossy flooring.
  • Color: Colorful kitchens pair well with super matte cabinet doors because the non-reflective surface keeps the focus on other design elements.

Contact Conestoga Wood Specialties for Custom Super Matte Cabinet Doors

Conestoga Wood Specialties offers a wide selection of super matte kitchen cabinet doors. Your customers can choose from many colors, materials and door styles to bring the right look to their kitchens. Contact us to start your order today.