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Custom Cabinet Door Manufacturers

Cabinet doors play an integral role in room design, impacting the overall look and feel of a space. With a vast assemblage of custom design and construction options available, let us help make your vision a reality.

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About Our Cabinet Door Materials

Cabinet doors should operate properly for years and enhance space aesthetics — high-quality material is essential for long-lasting and durable cabinet doors. Conestoga Wood Specialties offers several cabinet door construction materials for doors:

  • Solid wood: Solid wood is a timeless material that complements a wide range of styles. You can easily customize materials and choose from more than two dozen species and lumber grades. 
  • Plywood Panel: This material offers a wood-like grain so you can stain it for your desired look. Plywood Panel is resistant to warping, durable and strong. 
  • Medium-Density Fiberboard: Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) is ideal for painting and is resistant to warping while being a budget-friendly option. 
  • Hybrid: Our hybrid materials combine the beauty of solid wood and the humidity resistance of MDF panels. This material offers a blemish-free surface and the appearance of wood. 
  • Thermally Textured Surfaces (TTS): When you want to replicate the feel and look of woodgrain at a more budget-friendly price, this material is the best choice. These products come in a range of patterns and colors. 
  • Decorative Laminate Veneer: This material line showcases numerous vibrant colors and grain patterns. Decorative Laminate Veneer offers stability, colorfastness, and exceptional durability. 

Why Choose Doors From Conestoga Wood Specialties?

When you want eye-catching styles and exact dimensions, Conestoga Wood Specialties has the expertise and experience you need to provide these benefits:

  • Flexible design: We can create personalized looks while working with alternative materials, treatments and finishes.
  • Custom cabinet door construction: Ensure a perfect fit for the ideal look for custom sized cabinet doors.
  • Increased value: Quality cabinets can increase property value while offering long-lasting storage solutions.
  • Quality craftsmanship: Our skillful team has the knowledge and experience to deliver beautiful results every time. Here, our work is a form of art. 

Contact a Representative for Custom Cabinet Door Design

Conestoga Wood Specialties manufactures the highest quality wood components and doors in the kitchen and bath industry. Since our start in 1964, our team has grown to be an industry leader, delivering product performance and dependability. We offer a range of construction types for new kitchen cabinet doors to enhance any space while providing long-lasting solutions. 

When you’re looking for custom cabinet doors, rely on our passionate team for exceptional results and on-time delivery. Connect with a representative to place an order.