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Materials and Finishes

Conestoga Wood Specialties will not warrant unfinished or finished orders that are color matched from a website image. These images can cause discrepancies due to natural color deviation in wood, photography, finishes and hand-held devices. Our team recommends ordering a sample chip or sample door for a color match before choosing a complete project. Our wide selection of cabinet door styles makes us a great partner for any contractor.

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Cabinet Door Finishes and Material Options

At Conestoga Wood Specialties, we understand that details matter. That’s why we offer a range of materials and cabinet finishes for your custom cabinet doors.


Whether you want to use paint as an accent or create a beautiful palette, you have endless design options. Durable paint can create a long-lasting look while resistant to dents or scratches. Our Conestoga Colourtones and Prism Paint programs offer more than 1,500 color options, making any space unique.


Cabinet Stains

Cabinet stains offer a finishing touch that enhances wood’s natural beauty. Choose cabinet door finishes to showcase the patterns and grains of wood species to cabinet doors to complement your space. Cabinet stains can also protect doors from some natural wear, creating a longer-lasting appeal. 

Glaze Finishes

A high-quality cabinet glaze adds color and depth to enhance wood’s natural beauty. Glaze can be a subtle wash, darken surfaces or create brush-stroked appearances. We offer thousands of colors, so you can bring any vision to life. 

Cabinet Door Finishing Treatments

A range of cabinet finishing options for doors empowers you to meet your design needs. Treatment options from Conestoga Wood Specialties offer beautiful effects to elevate your project:

  • Brushed Glaze: This effect creates the appearance that glaze is applied by a paintbrush, offering a classic look. 
  • Heirloom: The Heirloom treatment combines a glaze application, a layer of Prism Paint or Colourtone and the Vintage Distressing package. 
  • Unitone: A single coat of Colourtone and glaze allows the wood grain to telegraph to the surface coating. 
  • Pinstripe: This finishing treatment can enhance the contours of accessories and doors and leave the base color intact. 
  • Weathered Grain: Weathered Grain creates a highly textured look and feel by removing surface materials from panels, edge profiles, and framing. 
  • Two-Tone: Customers looking to combine multiple cabinet finishes and species in the same product can select this option. 

Species and Materials

Cabinet door materials significantly impact the overall look of the cabinetry. At Conestoga Wood Specialties, you can find more than two dozen wood species and cabinet door material options, including solid wood, plywood panels, decorative laminate veneer, medium-density fiberboard and thermally textured surfaces. 

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At Conestoga Wood Specialties, we have the knowledge, experience, skill, and passion to deliver exceptional results. As a nationwide corporation and leader in the industry, we uphold our core beliefs and commitment to delivering materials and doors. With 99% shipping dependability and a dedicated team passionate about what they do, we feel confident we can help you.