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Raised Panel

More decorative than a recessed panel, raised panel door styles add dimension and texture for a classic touch. Particularly suited to staining, the raised panel highlights the inherent beauty of the woodgrain. These doors are made using hand-selected, high-grade lumber and offer a broad selection of options to provide diverse designs.

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Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

Infuse sophistication with a touch of tradition into a home design with raised panel kitchen cabinet doors. With an elevated center panel and a frame, raised panel cabinet doors add depth and dimension to kitchen cabinets.

This style offers aesthetic versatility. If your client wants a mixture of traditional charm and modern flair, these attractive raised panel cabinet door styles provide the ideal solution. Modernize your raised panel cabinet doors using neutral colors, sleek hardware and a glossy finish.

Customization Options for Your Style

Variety is vital when you are catering to a portfolio of diverse client preferences. From classic angles to contemporary finishes, we offer thousands of design specifications to customize products to suit different interior styles and tastes. Choose from various size options and finishes to bring your client’s design to life:

  • Materials and finishes: We offer finishes for all styles. Whether you opt for bamboo, walnut, white birch or MDF materials for these doors, we can apply a stunning finish that complements your target look. Choose from applications that yield weathered, brushed, distressed, heirloom-style or another aesthetic.
  • Alternative surfaces: We cater to design trends ranging from contemporary to rustic surfaces. Some of our most popular styles include high gloss, Allure DLV and Strata TTS.
  • Alluring colors: Popular neutrals, grays and earthy tones are just a few of our color options. Whether your design calls for calming or bold accents, you will find your client’s design preferences in this selection.

Expect High-Quality Products and Services

We commit to providing our customers with top-tier cabinet doors made using premium materials. These products offer minimal maintenance requirements and long-term durability to maintain their allure. We use proprietary wood grading systems at all our dimension mills to ensure each piece of lumber is used as completely as possible to lessen our environmental impact. 

Our promise of quality extends to transport. Conestoga Wood Transportation, our company trucking branch, delivers all our products with care to minimize the chance of damage in transit. This in-house transportation enables us to provide exceptional, timely services.

Choose Conestoga Wood Specialties

Exceed your client’s expectations with Conestoga cabinet doors. From carefully chosen wood to intricately raised panels, our cabinet doors cater to any interior design project. Contact us today for product selection assistance or help from our knowledgeable team to present these design details to your clients.