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There's no single answer when searching for the best material for cabinet doors. The right material for your customers depends on factors such as their budget, design preferences and how much wear and tear their kitchen will take. Conestoga Wood Specialties offers cabinet doors in a wide range of materials — let us help you choose the right one.

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Cabinet Door Material Options

Your options for cabinet doors fall into several general categories, from particleboard or fiberboard to solid wood. Some of the most common types of material include:

  • MDF: This is a material made from recycled wood fibers mixed with resin. MDF is the most economical and budget-friendly cabinet door option, but also the material with the greatest limitations. It is heavy and has low moisture and heat resistance.
  • Plywood: Plywood is made from thin layers of wood and is one of the most commonly used materials for cabinet doors and components. This option is priced lower than solid wood, making it a more budget-friendly pick. A drawback of plywood is that it isn’t as durable as solid wood. 
  • Thermally Textured Surfaces: Thermally Textured Surfaces resist warping better than standard MDF and often have a realistic woodgrain appearance. Dimensional stability, colorfast, and resistance to scratching and abrasions make TTS a popular selection.
  • Wood veneer: Wood veneer bridges the gap between solid wood and plywood or MDF. Cabinet doors made from a wood veneer have a thin layer of solid wood placed on top of plywood or MDF. This material provides an opportunity to get the look of solid wood without the cost, but it isn’t as strong.
  • Solid wood: Solid wood doors can be made from a wide range of species, including hardwoods like maple. This material offers the greatest durability and strength of all cabinet door material options, but it also comes with the highest price tag.

Choosing Cabinet Door Material Types

When selecting the type of material to use for your cabinet doors, there are several factors to consider, including:

  • Customer budget: Some customers have tighter budgets than others and may be looking for more wallet-friendly options, such as plywood or MDF. 
  • Maintenance requirements: A customer may want a material that’s easy to maintain and requires less upkeep than other types. For certain customers, solid wood may always be the go-to choice, since it can be easier to maintain and may have a longer life than plywood or fiberboard.
  • Style preferences: Your customers’ style preferences and overall kitchen design may call for the warmth of solid wood. Or, they may want the price point and lower lead time of thermally textured surfaces. Understanding each customer’s needs is vital to choosing the correct cabinet door material.

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We have a large selection of materials for kitchen cabinet doors and are happy to help you select the material type that will work best for each of your projects. Contact us today to learn more or receive help placing an order.