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Some of the most in-demand kitchen designs today incorporate color. But when you paint kitchen cabinets, you can't just use any type of paint — you need a product that's designed to withstand the rigors of life in a kitchen.

Colourtone paint is a top-of-the-line cabinet paint offering that provides a beautiful, long-lasting finishes. Conestoga Wood Specialties has a wide range of paint colors from this product line available.

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What Is A Colourtone Paint?

Colourtone cabinet paint delivers a durable finish to cabinet doors and components. You can choose to use the paint as an accent or apply it to the entire cabinet surface. Several glaze choices are available, allowing you to highlight grooves or beads in the cabinet doors. Each Colourtone paint finish is coated with a varnish topcoat that has a 10°or 30° sheen that you specify.

Benefits of Colourtone Paints

Some of the benefits of choosing the Colourtone paint line for your cabinet doors include:

  • Durable construction: Colourtone paint is made to last. Kitchen cabinets endure a lot during their lives, as they’re exposed to heat and humidity regularly. Cabinet doors are also constantly opened and closed, leading to a lot of wear and tear. You need a paint finish that can live up to the daily rigors of kitchen life. 
  • Multiple color choices available: Colourtone paint is available in various colors, including multiple shades of white and grey. You’ll be able to find the right shade for your customers’ dream kitchens with this color palette.
  • Various glaze options: Similarly, the paints are available in several glazes, which all add a slightly different finishing touch to cabinet doors.
  • Extra praise from customers: By choosing Colourtone paint finishes, you’re giving your customers a high-quality result, which helps to set your company apart from the competition and attract more business.


How to Choose a Cabinet Paint Color

How do you choose between Artic White and Antique White? What about Cadet Grey and Metropolitan Grey? There are a few things to consider when selecting a Colourtone paint color:

  • Wood species: The specie of wood the cabinet door consists of will impact the final appearance of the paint color. A darker wood may make the paint color look darker while a lighter wood will make the overall hue look lighter. 
  • Glaze treatment: You have the option of adding a glaze treatment to many Colourtone paints, which will affect the final color of the cabinet door. Be sure to compare an unglazed door with several glaze options to see which one your customers prefer.
  • Overall kitchen style: Some colors work better in certain kitchen styles than others. For example, colorful cabinet doors, such as green or blue, often complement a transitional-style kitchen but may look out of place in a contemporary design. Meanwhile, dark grey or black cabinets will likely fit in a contemporary kitchen. 
  • Customer preference: The customer is always right.

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