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Glass Doors

Display visually interesting, curated items or dinnerware behind beautifully handcrafted glass/mullion doors. Conestoga craftspeople masterfully design and create custom mullions for a stylish focal point for your cabinetry. Select from various doors, framing beads and profiles to create an eye-catching statement piece!

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Glass Doors for Cabinets

One distinct benefit of incorporating this feature into cabinetry is that it creates an illusion of having more space. Small areas will have a more open and airy feel as light passes through the glass instead of bouncing off visual barriers. Plus, glass’s reflective qualities amplify light to brighten up smaller spaces and foster an inviting ambiance.

Pair your client’s glass door cabinets with decorative hardware or sleek frames to elevate their aesthetics. You might even choose hardware that complements the items in the cabinets to create a beautiful focal point that stands out in any space.

If the room already has solid door panels present, cabinets with glass doors are an excellent way to add some more visual interest and change up the overall aesthetic. 

Versatile and Customizable

Customize your display cabinets with glass doors of various materials, finishes and construction methods. From modern to traditional, these glass doors are versatile enough to suit a range of interior design styles. Customize your order with glazing, wood species selections and more:

  • Framing: We offer a wide selection of framing beads and profile options. Browse our mullion, bow, arched and offset glass door frames.
  • Glazing: Enhance the wood or other substrate’s natural allure with a color glaze that adds depth to door designs. Choose between paint or stain treatment to transform your cabinet doors.
  • Wood species: Wood is a timeless material with various grain patterns, textures and hues to complement your design. We also offer alternative materials to suit your client’s design needs.

We Deliver Top-Notch Quality

The crafters at Conestoga Wood Specialties are trained and experienced in creating custom glass cabinet doors that will become eye-catching statement pieces in your client’s interior. We are committed to manufacturing durable, custom glass doors for cabinets by putting high-quality equipment in the hands of experienced professionals. We also deliver most of our in-house manufactured products with our own transportation fleet to ensure you get your order on time.

Exceed Your Client’s Expectations

You can choose your finishing and materials for any cabinet door with glass accents, personalizing each piece’s look to fit your client’s vision. Whether you add display cabinets to a sitting room or just want a few panels to serve as accents in a kitchen, we’ll help you find the perfect design.

Contact us online or call 1-800-964-3667 to get started. We are ready to assist with your cabinet door customization and selection to ensure each piece perfectly aligns with your vision.