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Recessed Panel Cabinet Doors

Timeless and highly versatile, recessed panel doors are designed to endure. Pair contrasting colors or materials to create a striking aesthetic for any traditional, transitional or contemporary setting without the added costs associated with more complex designs. Solid wood panels can also be ordered as a Recessed Panel design using our Reverse G-Cove option.

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Recessed Cabinet Door Construction

Conestoga Wood Specialties provides many construction options so you can bring any vision to life. Recessed panel doors have a depressed center panel that is slightly lower than the surrounding frame. Recessed cabinet construction makes it suitable for paint-grade projects and provides a minimalistic look that complements a variety of spaces. 

Materials for Recessed Cabinetry

The right material can transform a space and create seamless transitions. At Conestoga, you can choose from various materials, including solid wood, plywood panels, medium-density fiberboard and hybrid materials. 

Solid wood materials are easily customizable, and we offer more than two dozen species and lumber grades. This material provides a beautiful and luxurious look that adds a timeless elegance. 

Plywood panels feature composite cores, providing product stability and ensuring environmental safety. This material is resistant to warping, and it’s durable and strong. You can stain plywood panels because they have a wood-like grain. 

Medium-density fiberboard is a budget-friendly option ideal for painting applications. This material is versatile and strong and is excellent for recessed door styles because it’s generally less expensive while providing a smooth surface for paint.

Our hybrid materials blend medium-density fiberboard and solid wood frames to create beautiful surfaces with a smooth finish and humidity resistance. 

Recessed Panel Cabinet Door Styles

Conestoga Wood Specialties offers unique styles for recessed cabinet doors in kitchens, bathrooms and other spaces. With us, you can choose among the following:

  • Traditional: Traditional spaces can embrace this style to highlight thoughtful detailing. This aesthetic offers a subtle elegance that timelessly showcases rich undertones of sophistication. 
  • Transitional: Transitional styles empower you to wield simple or clean lines to form a visually alluring focal point while remaining practical. You can find various colors, styles and materials for these pieces. 
  • Farmhouse: The farmhouse style empowers you to embrace warmth and add character. These pieces bring charm and elegance while nodding to nature.
  • Contemporary: Contemporary spaces incorporate modern and trendy elements to form spaces that reflect popular styles. These designs are sleek and showcase functionality and beauty.

Order Recessed Panel Cabinetry From Conestoga

Conestoga Wood Specialties is dedicated to creating and delivering high-quality and beautiful cabinet doors for every customer. We sell our products directly to cabinet manufacturers and industry professionals. For more information about our products or to learn how to purchase our recessed panels, connect with one of our representatives