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Cabinet Drawer Boxes

Cabinet drawers see a lot of wear and tear due to people opening them constantly and slamming them shut. As a result, they must be made from sturdy materials and constructed in a way that's built to last. Conestoga Wood Specialties manufactures high-quality cabinet drawer boxes with careful attention to detail and care. Learn more about why our custom cabinet boxes are the right choice for your cabinets.

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Wood Options for Custom Cabinet Drawer Boxes

Everywhere you look, it seems like cabinets and drawers are increasingly made from flimsy materials. Not our drawer boxes. We use several wood species in the construction of drawer boxes. When you order from us, you can choose between the following types of wood:

  • Birch: This wood material is often considered an entry-level hardwood, due to its lower price point compared to maple. The truth is, birch looks a lot like maple to the untrained eye, making it an ideal option for drawer boxes. 
  • Maple: Maple is often the go-to wood for cabinetmakers. It’s a durable hardwood that resists scratches and dings better than birch or walnut. Maple also has a smooth finish and slightly more sheen.
  • Walnut: When you want to offer an attractive material to customers, walnut is the way to go. This hardwood is slightly less durable than maple but provides a beautiful finish. Walnut is less common than other wood species, so it costs a little more, making it a premium offering for cabinetmakers.  

Custom Drawer Box Construction

When constructing cabinet drawer boxes, our team aims to produce items of the highest quality. We use dovetail joints in the construction of our cabinet drawer boxes to achieve this goal. Dovetail joints lock together with a series of pins and tails. The pins and tails unite to create a fastening that is much sturdier than rabbit joints, which often rely on staples to hold the sides of the drawer together. 

The interlocking pins and tails stay strong over time, meaning the drawers last longer, no matter what their owners put them through. Dovetail joints are a sign of high-quality, dependable construction. 

Drawer Box Special Features

Beyond several wood species options, we also offer various drawer box features to help you provide functional and attractive cabinets to your customers. Some of our special features include:

  • Bread box rout: Turn a standard drawer into a bread box with the addition of a sliding lid. The lid helps keep bread from going stale and increases the functionality of your cabinet drawers. 
  • Hand pulls: Hand pulls make it easy for people to pull out drawers installed inside of a cabinet, such as those used to organize pots and pans. 

Contact Conestoga Wood Specialties for Custom Cabinet Boxes 

Having quality, durable drawer boxes for cabinets is key to enjoying successful projects. Conestoga Wood Specialties has what you need to keep your customers happy and your projects on time. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help support your business.