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Contemporary Cabinet Doors

The contemporary style is one of the most popular styles today, balancing the principles of classic and modern cabinet door designs. A contemporary look is sleek and clean, promoting functionality without compromising beauty.

Conestoga Wood Specialties offers many contemporary door styles designed for aesthetic appeal and long-lasting durability in your customers' homes.

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What Are Contemporary Cabinet Doors?

The contemporary style of doors reflects the most modern and up-to-date style. It uses design principles from the modern era, a kitchen style trend known for clean lines and sharpness. These elements blend with current trends, so the contemporary style constantly changes.

Contemporary style cabinets are marked by:

  • Natural and organic materials.
  • Earthy and neutral tones like white, off-white, gray, tan and black.
  • Clean lines.
  • Sharp angles.
  • No raised panels, crown moldings or other ornamental details.
  • Sleek and flat surfaces.

Contemporary Cabinet Door Styles

The most common styles in contemporary cabinet doors include:

  • Slab/1 Piece style: Slab-style doors are very common in contemporary home designs, offering a sleek look and clean lines that fit the current aesthetic. 
  • Shaker style: Shaker-style doors have a recessed front panel to add a touch of character and timeless style to a contemporary kitchen. 
  • Frosted or clear glass: Though slab and shaker doors are the most popular, glass cabinet doors also fit the contemporary aesthetic. In contrast, clear glass fits the clean look and showcases the dishes inside.

Contemporary Cabinet Doors vs. Modern Styles

Modern styles refer to those that relate to the present time, although we often consider “modern” as sleek and timeless. Alternatively, contemporary refers to the trends, styles and materials that are currently trending and constantly evolving. Modern cabinets often embrace earthy elements with classic materials and techniques. Contemporary designs may feature metals, glass and trendy finishes. 

Modern kitchens often feature open concepts, color-coordinating appliances and horizontal upper cabinets or a lack of upper cabinets. This style seeks to make the space seem more like furniture and less like a kitchen. 

Contemporary kitchens might showcase shaker doors, solid colors on flat slabs, a galley layout and handle-less cabinet lines. Those looking to embrace warm aesthetics or bold colors or trends can enjoy contemporary styles.

Why People Choose Contemporary Cabinet Door Styles

Contemporary styles invite people to get creative in their space. This style moves from minimal lines and neutral colors to bold looks and intricate designs. Contemporary designs empower people to make unique spaces that reflect personal preferences and tastes. Additionally, this style embraces changes and encourages people to shift their design choices as trends appear and disappear. Minor additions or changes can quickly refresh the space to embrace a new idea, color or feeling. 

While a modern kitchen can sometimes appear as a minimalist space with hidden functionality, contemporary designs embrace the heart of the home and create an inviting, livable space. Materials, colors and textures can embody unique lifestyles and showcase impeccable taste. Furthermore, contemporary designs aim to use space efficiently and complement the overall structure. You can often expect a lot of natural light in contemporary spaces, aiding in creating an open, inviting environment. Using the right materials, styles and colors, you can further embrace these ideas with contemporary cabinets.

Advantages of Contemporary Cabinet Doors

Contemporary cabinets have many benefits for homeowners. The contemporary style offers:

  • Simplistic design: Contemporary cabinets are simple with no ornamental details or intricate design — a clean-cut look defines the contemporary style. 
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance: The smooth surfaces of contemporary cabinets make it easier to clean dust and dirt away. Cabinet styles with ornate details are more difficult to keep clean. 
  • Aesthetic appeal: The contemporary style is sophisticated and clean, bringing an aesthetic appeal to kitchens or any room in the home with simple shapes and sleek lines. Other design choices, like glass doors and hardware, add to the beauty of the contemporary, modern look. 
  • Lasting style: Contemporary cabinet doors are long-lasting, providing efficient storage in any room in your home for years. The materials used for these doors are durable.
  • The illusion of more storage: Some contemporary cabinet door styles have a full overlay — they do not show the frame, so side-by-side doors touch one another. These larger doors make the room feel larger and give the impression of more storage space, which is ideal for small kitchens. 

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