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A subtle elegance emerges from the thoughtful detailing and rich tones of these classic designs.

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Traditional Cabinet Doors

Classic designs always stay in style, and the same applies to traditional cabinet doors. These doors have timeless accents, often with textured features and either a recessed or raised panel. You may find ornate carvings, moldings and other decorative details on the doors. These elements enhance your client’s cabinetry by adding depth and visual interest. 

Traditional kitchen cabinet doors with natural wood grains and finishes can exude incredible warmth and character. Their homey look can help create a cozy, inviting ambiance that makes a room feel more welcoming. They also complement other classic, modern and transitional interior styles without visually overpowering the space.

Choose Your Style

The symmetrical design of traditional cabinet doors pairs well with neutral colors like cream and white. For something more distinctive, pastel tones like muted yellow, green or blue are also great color options for this cabinet door style. No matter what manufacturing materials or finishing options you choose, these cabinet doors complement any space.

Whether you need a more ornate Victorian style or a subdued design, you have thousands of customization options with Conestoga Wood Specialties. From finishing options to paint to the material used to make your cabinet doors, we can alter every component to suit your client’s preferences. Choose from the following options:

  • Manufacturing materials: Choose from hybrid, solid wood, medium-density fiberboard or decorative laminate veneer materials for your client’s traditional cabinet doors.
  • Paint colors: Our palette of paints contains well over a thousand paint colors, including the Prism Paint program.
  • Finishing treatments: Enhance your doors with a brushed glaze, pinstripe or weathered grain treatment for an aesthetic that pulls a room together.

Precision and Detail

With various skilled artisans at our dimension mills, each traditional cabinet door is crafted with attention to detail and precision. We use only high-quality materials and state-of-the-art machinery to create cabinet doors that are both versatile and durable. 

Rest assured that your order will arrive in good condition and on time thanks to our in-house delivery fleet. We take our promise of exceptional service one step further by handling shipments ourselves to ensure you get exactly what you expect.

Shop Custom Cabinet Doors

Provide your clients with premium-quality cabinet doors when you trust our team. Conestoga Wood Specialties carefully selects each material, finishing and moulding to ensure you receive exactly what you order. 

Shop our traditional cabinet doors and explore their many customization options to create a design that fits your client’s specifications. For orders or queries, give us a call at 1-800-964-3667 or reach out to our team online.