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Cabinet Door Edge Profiles

Cabinet Door Edge Profiles

Request unique edge profiles so cabinets complement your clients' spaces. Conestoga's custom door edge profiles also highlight the beautiful aspect of the material or color you've chosen. Choose from a number of published design profiles or contact us for help in locating your preferred edge design in our library, which contains a large variety of additional edge profiles. 

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About Our Materials

Door materials will significantly impact the overall look of the door design. At Conestoga Wood Specialties, you can select from our broad offering. A few of our most popular materials can be found below:

  • Solid wood: This timeless material complements many styles. Solid wood is customizable in many ways, and you can choose between more than two dozen species. 
  • Medium-density fiberboard: Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is a budget-friendly option. This material provides a warp-resistant solution and is ideal for painting. 
  • Hybrid: Our hybrid materials blend solid wood and MDF panels to create a beautiful, humidity-resistant piece. The combination of materials empowers you to achieve a wood appearance with a surface that provides the best of both materials for your project.
  • Thermally textured surfaces: Thermally textured surfaces can replicate the feel and look of woodgrain. These products come in a range of colors, patterns, and textures.
  • Plywood panel: Another blending of materials that is strong, durable and resistant to warping. You can stain it to achieve the desired look. 

About Profiles and Edging for Cabinets

A cabinet door profile refers to the shapes or patterns a professional creates on the face of the cabinet door. The choice of edge profiles refers to having rounded, square or beveled edges to achieve the desired look. The inside edge profile is the inside boundary of the frame, and the outside edge profile is the outside boundary. Choosing cohesive profiles and edges can enhance the space and create unique focal points. Conestoga offers a multitude of options to allow you to customize your door design.

Cabinet Edge Profile Types

There are several optional edge profiles that can enhance cabinetry. For inspiration, consider these types:

  • Classic: For a traditional, classic look, this edge is a beautiful choice. Many enjoy this timeless style that creates a sophisticated look without being overwhelming. 
  • Shaker: Shaker edges are more suited for contemporary-style doors. These edges feature a slightly eased edge that you can easily enhance with decorative hardware. 
  • Pillowing: edges with a soft “pillowing” combine contemporary styles and flair to create a traditional piece that allows the door’s appearance to take center stage. 
  • Square: Square edges are growing increasingly popular because they provide a modern, contemporary feel. Those looking for straight lines and geometric shapes can enjoy square edges. 
  • Steps: Edges with multiple “steps” can highlight various finishes, glazes, paints or stains. This fine detail can add a quality of craftsmanship to the door and create an elegant feeling. 

Connect With a Conestoga Representative

Finding the right cabinet door edge profiles can be easy with a dedicated and passionate team. At Conestoga Wood Specialties, you can access the skill and knowledge necessary to deliver exceptional results every time. Connect with one of our representatives to learn more about our products or custom options for wood edge profiles.