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MDF Cabinet Doors

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is a manufactured material for cabinet doors. MDF is long-lasting and versatile for many kitchen designs. Conestoga Wood Specialties offers MDF cabinet doors in a wide range of styles and colors, all made with excellent craftsmanship to last for years.

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What Are MDF Cabinet Doors?

MDF cabinet doors are engineered wood products. These door are made from compressed wood fibers, wax and resin. Wood chips are broken down into small fibers, which are dried with wax and resin. Once dry, the fibers are arranged into a mat, heat compacted and pressurized to make a sheet.

This manufacturing process results in a cabinet door that is denser and smoother than hardwood, making it a great surface for paint. You can find MDF cabinet doors in many styles, including shaker, flat-panel, applied moulding, and raised-panel, to fit traditional and contemporary kitchen designs.

The Benefits of MDF Cabinet Doors

MDF offers several advantages for cabinet doors. This material is:

  • Budget-friendly: MDF panel cabinet doors are a cost-effective option, as MDF is generally cheaper than solid wood. The cost varies based on the quality and thickness of the MDF.
  • Durable: MDF doors resist warping and cracking. The entire MDF piece expands and contracts together when the temperature and humidity change, so its structure stays intact. These doors are also stronger than plywood and can resist daily wear and tear.
  • Paintable: Customers who want to paint their kitchen cabinet doors should choose MDF over solid wood. The smooth surface of an MDF cabinet door doesn’t have grains or knots, so the paint will absorb evenly and have a smooth finish.
  • Versatile: MDF is dense and strong, so you can use it for virtually the same applications as solid wood.
  • Sustainable: MDF cabinet doors are an eco-friendly way to use wood fibers. The material is made using wood products that would otherwise be discarded. MDF is also recyclable and can be used to make other wood products.
  • Long-lasting: With proper maintenance and care, MDF cabinet doors can last as long as solid wood.

Are MDF Panel Cabinet Doors Right for Your Design?

When deciding if MDF cabinet doors are best for your kitchen design, consider these factors:

  • Aesthetics: MDF can be laminated or painted to look like wood, so MDF cabinet doors can fit many design aesthetics.
  • Color: MDF is easy to paint and leaves a smooth finish. However, MDF cannot be stained — so if you prefer a stained look for cabinet doors, it may not be the best choice.
  • Maintenance: Customers who do not want to spend much time maintaining their cabinet doors should consider MDF. Unlike solid wood, MDF does not require oiling and waxing, so MDF cabinet doors should remain in good condition with minimal maintenance.

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