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Pull-Out Cabinet Convenience

What homeowner doesn't dream of having a beautifully organized kitchen? You can help make this vision come true by incorporating pull-out cabinets and custom drawer accessories into the kitchen designs you offer. Conestoga Wood Specialties has a variety of components and accessories available to help you do just that.

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What Are Pull-Out Cabinet Drawers?

Pull-out cabinet drawer options look like standard kitchen cabinets from the front, but they open to reveal a drawer attached to them. The cabinet pulls out, providing easy access to pantry items, pots and pans, and more than you may have imagined. These products also allow you to take advantage of every inch of space in a kitchen, such as corner cabinets that are usually difficult to reach.

Benefits of Pull-Out Cabinet Options

Offering pull-out cabinet options to your customers and incorporating them into your kitchen designs offer many benefits, including:

  • Makes the kitchen more functional: With the right accessories, pull-out cabinet options can improve the function of a kitchen. For example, they can make it easier for a cook to find and select the ingredients they need for a recipe or access utensils and cooking gear more easily. Cooks won’t have to shift through several cabinets, pulling out multiple pans or dishes to get to the one they need.
  • Improves kitchen appeal: Our pull-out cabinet options and accessories coordinate with the rest of the kitchen’s look and style. Multiple species are available to customize to your specific needs.
  • Increases home value: Form and function appeal to homebuyers, with many people evaluating the kitchen closely before putting in an offer. A kitchen that’s easy to organize and looks good helps maximize the value of a home.
  • Maximizes storage space: Kitchens large and small can benefit from the clever and universal design storage options offered utilizing pull-out cabinets.

Custom Cabinet Components

Conestoga Wood Specialties has several cabinet components and accessories available to help you deliver an easily organized kitchen to your customers:

  • Tray rollouts: Tray rollouts make it easy for homeowners to store and access cutting boards, baking sheets and other tall, flat objects that are best stored vertically.
  • Blind corner systems: In a blind corner cabinet, it’s difficult to view and access what’s inside one cabinet, since its contents are blocked by a second cabinet. With a blind-corner system, the contents of the cabinet pull out, making it easy to access what’s inside.
  • Pull-out drawers: Pull-out drawers look like cabinet doors from the outside, but actually contain several rows of shelving that are revealed when the door is opened. The drawers offer easy access to pans, pots and dishes. 
  • Beverage pod organizers: Coffee lovers will enjoy quick access to their favorite beverage pods, thanks to organizer inserts that separate the pods and make them easy to reach.
  • Drawer pegs: Drawer peg systems rest inside pull-out cabinets and create secure spaces for plates, bowls and other dinnerware.
  • Cutlery dividers: Cutlery dividers snap into place inside of a drawer and help to organize knives, spoons, forks and other utensils. 
  • Half-moon lazy Susans: A half-moon lazy susan is similar to a blind corner system, as it provides access to pantry items and dishes that would otherwise be hard to reach.

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Get ready to offer your customers the organized kitchens they’ve been looking for. Contact Conestoga Wood Specialties today to learn more about our pull-out cabinets and custom drawer components, options and accessories.