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Cabinet Mouldings

Help your clients and customers enhance their cabinetry with custom bathroom and kitchen cabinet moulding. Trim and architectural crown mouldings allow you to design truly custom looks. With a variety of styling options from Conestoga Wood Specialties, it's easy to create high-end kitchens and bathrooms.

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Why Your Customers Will Love Cabinet Mouldings From Conestoga Wood Specialties

Offering the best wood cabinet trim moulding can elevate your business and increase your client base. Your customers will love cabinet mouldings from Conestoga because of the following benefits:

Enhanced Kitchen or Bathroom Appearance

You can help your clients significantly enhance their kitchen or bathroom appearances with cabinet mouldings. Mouldings can help homeowners hide irregularities and transform their space. Adding mouldings to high ceilings adds an element of depth, and it can create contrast depending on your clients’ color preferences. Mouldings can also enhance a smaller space, and you can use them to help clients make their smaller rooms appear more spacious.

Custom Design Options

Mouldings allow you to offer more design options. With a diverse client base, you must be able to adapt to unique preferences and meet each homeowner’s stylistic needs. Conestoga takes pride in our customization capabilities and strives to offer a wide selection of color and design options.

With custom mouldings, you can help one client create a simple, modern design and help another develop a beautiful, elaborate look. From straight lines to intricate details, mouldings allow you to achieve the aesthetic your customers expect. With various patterns, materials and finish options, you can impress each client you serve.

Top Quality

Conestoga strives to meet or exceed expectations, allowing you to do the same for your clients and customers. Our fine craftsmen have the skills and experience to produce the highest-quality cabinet mouldings.

In addition to fine craftsmanship, our modern machinery and thorough processes allow us to produce top-tier mouldings. We use our lumber buyers to ensure we use the best materials, and our quality department ensures products meet standards before shipping them to you.


Your customers depend on you to deliver expected results promptly, and you can depend on us to help you do that. We work efficiently and process orders quickly, providing you with shipping and delivery dates when you order products. We also offer excellent customer service and utilize helpful online tools, allowing you to request quotes and track orders easily.

Impress Your Clients With Superior Cabinet Mouldings

Custom cabinet mouldings allow you to upgrade your services and offerings, providing each client with unique options to match their style. Conestoga Wood Specialties uses the latest machinery, fine craftsmanship and dependable processes to deliver the products your clients need.

No matter what style you need to create, we can customize cabinet mouldings to match any aesthetic and exceed your client’s expectations. Contact us to learn more or request a quote.