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Custom Cabinet Door Design Details

Distinctive door design can set your kitchen cabinet options apart from the crowd and make your company the in-demand cabinet and kitchen design and/or manufacturing company. Conestoga Wood Specialties offers a wide range of cabinet door details to help you stand out.

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Kitchen Cabinet Door Design Options

Several key elements make up the design of a kitchen cabinet door, such as the panel edges, grooves and raises. There are also the inside framing beads, which can add a subtle design touch to an otherwise plain door. Decorative pegs add visual interest to cabinet doors, too.

Types of Cabinet Door Details

Conestoga Wood Specialties has multiple door design details available to help give kitchen cabinets a custom look and feel. These design elements include:

  • Inside framing beads: Inside framing beads add a decorative touch along the inside edge of the cabinet door’s frame, between the edge of the frame and the panel. You can choose from arched, curved or square framing beads, based on the overall kitchen style and your customer’s preference with Conestoga’s 12 published framing beads.
  • Panel raises: The panel in the middle of a cabinet door can be flat, but it doesn’t have to be. Panel raises add visual interest, creating an elevated middle. These products work well with natural wood grain but may also be painted. 
  • Outside edge profiles: The edge profile is the detail along the outside edge of a cabinet door frame. It can be straight up and down or cut into an interesting curved or sloping pattern, among other designs Conestoga offers 25+ published edge profiles to achieve the look that you desire.
  • Panel grooves: Cabinet panels are often flat and smooth, but those with grooves can be more interesting to look at or complement a customer’s design better. We have several panel groove styles to choose from, enabling you to give the cabinet doors you offer a unique look. 
  • Peg options: Decorative pegs enhance the beauty of a cabinet door. The products are purely aesthetic and don’t change the function or strength of the door. You can choose from single or double pegs in square, pyramid or diamond shapes.

Why Add Cabinet Door Details?

Today’s homeowners want options when they’re redesigning their kitchens. They’re looking for the latest styles and trends, but they also want something unique. Incorporating design elements into the cabinet doors you offer helps you stand apart from the competition. You can more easily customize the cabinets you sell to your customers by including a few subtle details, from decorative pegs to inside framing beads.

The best way to decide which details to add is to consider the style of kitchen your customers want. Certain types of raised panels or edge profiles are better suited for farmhouse kitchens than for contemporary kitchens, for example. If you’re unsure what to include, we’re happy to help you decide.

Contact Conestoga Wood Specialties for Cabinet Door Details

The little details make the biggest difference in kitchen designs. We’re happy to help you choose which products to add to cabinet doors and how to introduce those design details to your customers. To learn more or get started, contact us today and connect with our knowledgeable team.