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Interior & Storage Accessories

Everyday routines should be seamless and simple. Help your customers say goodbye to junk drawers and hello to flawless organization with Conestoga’s interior storage and accessories. Create a functional space that works for them.

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Complementary Products & Accessories

Art for Everyday

Decorative pieces accent spaces and add unique design elements to create a visually pleasing space. Conestoga’s partnership with Art For Everyday brings hand-crafted pieces to every kitchen style. These pieces can complement traditional, modern, rustic and other aesthetics. 

Interior Storage

Interior storage options are simple enhancements that save space and time while adding structure. Drawer organizers add functionality and convenience, making them excellent bathroom and kitchen cabinet accessories. Inserts, pull-out units and corner systems can quickly transform the kitchen space, too. Conestoga offers solutions for charging stations, beverage pods, utensils, bowls and other common kitchen appliances, goods and products. 

Posts, Legs and Feet

Posts, legs and feet are a quick way to transform wall and base cabinets into high-end furniture pieces. These elements are attractive while providing structural support to countertops and island corners. Find unique designs to complement design styles, or use them as unique accents to create a bold statement. 

Drawer Boxes

Drawer boxes are an essential element of cabinetry. Although these pieces hide within the cabinet, they provide strength and beauty that impact the overall design. These features are heavily used, especially kitchen drawer boxes, which can break down over time, making it essential to choose high-quality boxes that upgrade the space and stand the test of time. Conestoga offers drawer boxes with dovetail construction, a show of true craftsmanship. 


Crown and trim mouldings are two examples of mouldings that instantly create a custom look for any room in your home. Custom mouldings from Conestoga come in a variety of styles and a variety of standard sizes so you can bring any vision to life. Along with enhancing the space, mouldings and trim can hide gaps or add texture. 

Range Hoods

A range hood can create a focal point that sets the kitchen apart. Available finished or unfinished, these pieces come in a variety of styles and sizes. Range Hoods can be customized beyond size and style, select a specie that can blend into your kitchen design or be bold in design and finish selection. Conestoga offers many options so you can find the right cost, style and color without sacrificing design. 

Request Cabinet Accessories From Conestoga Wood Specialties

Conestoga Wood Specialties delivers exceptional cabinet doors and materials to those looking to enhance spaces and bring intricate and beautiful elements into the kitchen. Our products are dependable in appearance and performance, and you can rely on our team to deliver a seamless customer experience. With more than 99% accuracy for shipping on-time and complete orders, you can feel confident in our ability to deliver custom solutions for any space. 

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