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Decorative Laminate Veneer

You have many choices regarding cabinet door material. One of those choices is veneer, a laminate coating that closely imitates the appearance of solid wood. Conestoga Wood Specialties' Allure Collection of decorative laminate veneer (DLV) creates dimension in a room and adds character to kitchen cabinets and components.

If you want to provide your customers with durable, beautiful cabinetry, consider our Allure DLV material.

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What Are Decorative Laminate Veneer Cabinet Doors?

Decorative laminate veneer is a coating applied to plywood or fiberboard doors, creating the look of wood without the cost. Our Allure DLV uses the most advanced lamination and embossing technology to create a wide range of designs with various colors, grain patterns and framing widths. While some of the products in our Allure line resemble natural wood, gray, black and white doors are also available. 

Benefits of Veneer Doors

Why choose veneer over another option, such as solid wood? There are a few notable benefits of decorative laminate veneer:

  • Lower price point: Solid wood cabinet doors look beautiful and last a long time, but the customer typically pays more for their good looks and durability. The price of solid wood cabinetry may make it out of reach for a large number of customers. DLV has a lower price point, making it a more budget-conscious choice for customers who want to pay less without sacrificing quality.  
  • Colorfast design: DLV comes in a selection of styles and colors, including whites, greys and natural wood hues. The laminating and embossing process used during the production of DLV means the resulting doors are colorfast, so the pattern and color continue to look vibrant through the life span of the product.  
  • Durable construction: Kitchen cabinet doors endure a lot of wear, from dings and scratches to high heat and humidity. DLV doors are made to withstand whatever a home cook throws their way. Your customers can feel confident that their veneer cabinet doors will last for the long run.

What to Consider When Choosing Veneer

Veneer doors can be the right choice for some of your customers. When choosing and recommending veneer, here’s what to consider:

  • The customer’s budget: Budget is a big consideration when recommending materials to your customers. If solid wood is not a viable option, veneer may be the next best thing.
  • The customer’s style preferences: In some cases, a customer may not like the look of natural wood cabinets. For individuals who prefer white or colorful designs or who want a sheen on their cabinets, veneer can be the way to go. 
  • How they’ll use the kitchen: Not everyone cooks in their kitchen. Plenty of people use their kitchens as places to store food and put takeout but don’t necessarily cook that often. Veneer cabinet doors can be a suitable choice for kitchens that won’t see much daily use.

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