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Mortise & Tenon

Known for its strength and versatility, Mortise & Tenon construction is the most commonly used joinery for manufacturing 5-piece doors.

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Advantages of Mortise and Tenon Cabinet Doors

Mortise and tenon construction yields cabinet doors that are as strong as they are versatile. This joint is a traditional style wherein two pieces of wood connect to create a strong bond in the form of an internal joint that is invisible from the surface of the door panel. Their classic appeal also offers aesthetic versatility to suit various interior styles. 

Expect elevated aesthetics when you choose these cabinet doors for your project. Their refined, seamless appearance merges sophistication with longevity. The construction alone ensures that your installation will remain beautiful and functional for years.

Versatility in Design

Our range of mortise and tenon cabinet doors is fully customizable. Alter your selection to create sleek, classic sophistication, contemporary allure or simple rustic charm. This adaptability facilitates a seamless fit for commercial spaces like hotels, offices and restaurants. Choose from a range of alternative surfaces, finishing options and more to cater to your client’s preferences:

  • Finishes: Choose from various paint colors and stains, including Truetones and Wiping Stains that enhance wood’s natural beauty.
  • Styles: Tailor your order to meet unique project requirements and client specifications. We can build your mortise and tenon cabinet doors to integrate into a contemporary, farmhouse, traditional or transitional interior style.
  • Surfaces: If you are looking for something other than wood, we have a variety of alternative surfaces to adapt to your client’s needs.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Excellence starts with premium materials. Conestoga Wood Specialties specializes in delivering robust, beautifully crafted cabinet doors through meticulous production processes and top-grade wood. We provide superior-quality pieces that offer your clients’ space the timeless elegance they expect from custom mortise and tenon cabinet doors. 

Elevate Your Design With Conestoga Wood Specialties

We deliver most of our in-house manufactured products with our transportation fleet. By transporting your cabinet doors with our team, we maintain close control of the shipping process, allowing us to ensure your product is delivered on time and in perfect condition.

Impress your client by choosing Conestoga Wood Specialties for their mortise and tenon cabinet doors. From carefully selected wood grains to intricately made cope and stick joints, our cabinet doors include premium features that cater to any interior design project. Contact us today for assistance with your cabinet door selection. Our knowledgeable team is ready to help you present these design details to your client.