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Beaded Panel

Add a decorative flair with beaded panel cabinet doors for a modern take on a classic farmhouse look. Optional glazing treatments highlight grooved panels, emphasizing the contours of the doors.

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Beaded Panel Cabinet Doors

Beaded panel cabinet doors add a refined, tasteful decorative element to interior design while maintaining a timeless allure. The focal point of the cabinet door consists of thin strips of wood using tongue-and-groove seams. You can opt for a single or double groove and choose between sharp angles or softer, rounded edges. This design adds personality to cabinetry through subtle accentuation. 

A beaded panel door creates a sense of depth and texture to give cabinets a tactile quality. Experiment with different bead sizes, shapes and spacing options to cater to your client’s design theme and specific preferences.

Customize Your Order

Beaded Panel cabinet door designs complement a wide range of interior spaces. These areas include bathroom vanities, kitchen cabinetry and display units. Customize this modern take on a classic farmhouse look through glazing treatments or by highlighting the grooved panels to emphasize the wooden contours. Choose from the following customization options:

  • Paint colors: Our Prism Paint program offers over 1,500 color options. Choose a hue that adds depth to your beaded door panel design.
  • Treatment options: We can enhance beaded panels with various treatment options. Pinstripe glazes are an excellent way to call attention to a cabinet door’s contours without disturbing the base color. For a more rustic look, you might choose a treatment like weathered grain to give the base more texture.
  • Wood species: Choose from the warmth of closed-grain wood or the rustic appeal of a more open structure. We have over 20 standard wood species and grade combinations available.

Quality You Can Trust

Conestoga Wood Specialties provides only the highest-quality beaded panel doors. Our skilled crafters work alongside state-of-the-art machinery to ensure we manufacture your products with great attention to detail. We source only the best wood and alternative materials to help ensure the longevity of your cabinet doors.

To go along with our promise of quality, we offer a large in-house fleet to transport your beaded panel cabinet doors to your site. Maintaining our own shipping service ensures timely delivery and minimal risk of transit damage so your order arrives exactly as expected.

Order Beaded Panel Doors That Fit Your Vision

Choose Conestoga Wood Specialties for your client’s beaded panel cabinet doors. With countless options to customize your order and a large materials offering, you can find the exact style that your client is looking for. Contact us online today for help with your design selection or for assistance from our knowledgeable team to present these design details to your clients. To speak with a team member, call us at 1-800-964-3667.