The new year is when people dare to make changes they might have been afraid to make. The kitchen is one of those places where many want to mix things up. Changing the kitchen cabinet colors can transform the space and the home’s mood. 

As people embrace modern kitchen cabinet colors, some hues have gained more popularity than others. These colors state the mood and kitchen designs they might see more. Be sure to keep in the loop to be at the forefront of the trends. 

The Best Kitchen Cabinet Colors for 2024

Colors are not just for your eyes — they say so much about you. People’s chosen kitchen cabinet colors reflect their personalities. It also affects how they want others to feel when they enter the space. Let’s dive into the current cabinet color trends people will lean more into in the coming year. 

Warm White

White is a staple. People love the color, as it gives them freedom when deciding how to style a room. White comes in different shades, with more people embracing warm white this year because it feels more inviting and homey. For those who do not like pale or mute neutral whites — which have been trendy in the past — warm white is a great alternative. 

When styling warm white, you have more room to do as you please. Combining beige and ivory will create a warm, neutral base, perfect for those who like minimal colors in the kitchen. 

Another benefit of adding warm white is that it compliments stainless steel appliances. Adding more of this color in the space lets other things, like appliances or furniture, hold attention in the room. 

Beige and Warm Taupe

Colors like beige and warm taupe are making a comeback because of their warmth and neutrality. The best part about warm taupe and beige is that they combine well with dark colors. Think of dark wood flooring with warm taupe. Instead of cabinets and flooring fighting for attention, you get two elements flowing together to make a cohesive look that will impress. 

When choosing softer colors, you have room to make bold color choices elsewhere. You can add loud flooring or wallpapers without the space becoming overwhelming. Another idea would be pairing the colors with rich, dark colors for a two-tone kitchen. Doing so makes the space more appealing without being too much. 

Rich Browns

Rich brown can add coziness and earthiness to a room. They can also add dimension and depth, making them a better alternative than dark-toned natural wood. 

For those who have gone for the all-white kitchen in the past, there is an easy way to embrace rich browns in the space. All you need to do is to start where you are. If you do not want to remove all the white elements, white marble counters pair well with rich browns. 

Rich browns also pair well with brass hardware and cool-colored backsplashes. If you have these already, you can make your kitchen feel cozy without investing too much. 

Warm Undertones

People are shying away from cooler undertones, as they make the kitchen feel cold and unwelcoming. These are the opposite of what you want to think in a space that is the heart of home. Warm undertones are back with a bang. Think of rich reds and orange. 

There is so much freedom when adding warm undertones, and shifting from an all-white kitchen to warm undertones is easy. For example, you can combine them with rich red cabinet doors for a more vibrant room.



In the last few years, people have leaned into minimalism. The “less is more” look stuck. Black is a timeless color that makes a strong statement wherever you integrate it. In kitchens, it adds weight and depth. This makes it an excellent solution for mismatched cabinets, as it will make the look feel cohesive and intentional.

Thus, you can ditch the all-white look and instead go for a black-and-white color scheme. Doing so will make the kitchen stand out. 


People might not think green is a first choice, but it is a magnificent addition to your kitchen. This hue is captivating and sophisticated. Why not add that feel to the kitchen? Green has earthy tones, which add depth to the space. 

Expect versatility with this color. Many options exist, from sage to forest green. People can achieve the minimalist kitchen design with a touch of nature-inspired sophistication. 

Deep Blue

The ocean is peaceful and powerful. This year, people want to add that feeling into their kitchen with deep blue. Though the color is comforting, it is also eye-catching. This is the perfect energy for a kitchen. 

Better yet, people can use white to make the deep blue color stand out more. Or, when trying to make a statement, combine deep blue with colors like orange and red. 

Baby Blue

Consider embracing the welcoming and calming effect of baby blue this year. Not only does it add a pop of color, but it also adds the cottage, vintage or Mediterranean kitchen aesthetic. An added benefit is the look pairs well with matte black hardware and white marble counters. 

FAQs About 2024 Kitchen Cabinet Colors

When looking at the kitchen cabinet ideas, you might have some questions:

What Is a Timeless Color for 2024?

Traditional aesthetics paired with bolder accents are making a comeback this year. Expect more dark wood stains and darker shades for kitchen cabinet doors. 

What Should I Avoid When Choosing a Color for 2024?

Be mindful of your personal style and needs. Since color trends change often, do not mindlessly follow trends. Consider whether your chosen color will still match your tastes in years to come. 

What We Predict 

What We Predict

These are our predictions for colors that will rule the kitchen in 2024:

  • Dark blue: Dark blue is an excellent way to add color to the kitchen. Unlike pastel blues, dark blue grabs your attention. It does so while adding refinement, sophistication and elegance to the space. It can be great for modern and minimalist options based on your personality. Blue also remains timeless, so you can enjoy it for years. 
  • Green: Green is the perfect alternative for those who want to escape the light and airy kitchen. Adding green cabinets creates some edge into space where creativity is always welcome. Not only is green daring, but it is also beautiful. It will inspire more people to create more beautiful dishes in the space.  
  • Dark wood: Traditional or contemporary kitchen looks are also making a massive comeback in 2024. In the 2000s, people left this look for a lighter stained wood. As people move away from the all-white kitchen look, dark-stained natural wood will be in. Part of the appeal is that dark-stained wood looks cozier and more appealing than lighter-stained wood. 

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Changes are always welcome in the kitchen. This year’s color trends include something for everyone, from dark-stained woods to warm whites or shades of blue. 

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