Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, there’s no denying the transformational impact of quality cabinet doors. As 22% of homeowners plan to upgrade their kitchen cabinets in the near future, now is the time to brush up on your knowledge of cabinet design and styles.

Our guide will help you discover the various features of contemporary, farmhouse, traditional and transitional cabinet doors. Learn how these styles will help elevate your client’s interior and ensure maximum home appeal.

Understanding Cabinet Door Styles

A cohesive interior design relies on coordinating cabinet doors with other elements of a home. Here’s a breakdown of the various cabinet door designs to help you recommend the best option for your client:

  • Contemporary: Smooth surfaces and straight lines epitomize contemporary cabinet doors. These simplistic cabinet door designs add a sophisticated touch to modern homes.
  • Farmhouse: Nothing says “farmhouse” more than handcrafted designs. White-painted cabinets add an element of charm to any casual gathering space.
  • Traditional: These doors often incorporate a raised panel and highlight wood grains and patterns. They are a popular choice for classic homes.
  • Transitional: There’s no better combination than traditional materials and modern designs. Transitional cabinet doors offer the best of both worlds for optimal aesthetic impact.

Within these four categories, there are several types of cabinet doors, such as:

  • Raised panel: Cabinet doors of this type frequently feature a slightly raised central panel. They are popular designs in farmhouses and traditional homes.
  • Recessed panel: These cabinet doors have a panel set back into the door frame. Doors of this kind lend well to transitional designs.
  • Beaded panel: Single- or double-grooved doors offer a classic touch to coastal and farmhouse properties.
  • Slab: Modern kitchens require sleek designs, and slab cabinets provide the ultimate solution.
  • Glass doors: Aside from being functional, cabinet doors can help showcase beautiful pottery, cookbooks and even tea selections. Glass door cabinets allow these carefully chosen items to shine.
  • Arched panel with doors: These beautiful doors boost a home’s aesthetics with soft or more prominent arches.
  • Shaker: A resurging trend is shaker cabinets. These geometric styles are the perfect complement to traditional and modern homes.


How to Choose the Right Cabinet Door Style for Your Kitchen Remodel

When helping clients choose which cabinet door style is best for their needs, consider the following factors:

  • Cost: While maple and oak are favorites for cabinet doors, birch wood cabinets are a much more affordable option. Your client’s budget will help determine the best material for the job.
  • Functionality: Whether your client wants to display a fine China tea set or conceal their everyday storage solutions, this is an important consideration for cabinets.
  • Color: The cabinet color you choose helps to accentuate the overall interior for a more streamlined design.
  • Ongoing maintenance: Some cabinet door designs require more maintenance. For example, if you choose ornate cabinets, the edges and ridges will likely attract more dust and pet dander. This is a pertinent concern for households with pets or kids, as they’ll need to allow for increased maintenance time.
  • Personal style: Remember the most critical factor in upgrading interior design — your client. Selecting cabinets that match their personal style helps to ensure long-term satisfaction.

A final consideration in choosing cabinet doors for home renovation projects is your supplier’s dependability. As your reputation relies on completing projects on schedule, you need a company that honors delivery times. Similarly, you want to ensure long-term consistency in cabinet door appearance and performance. Conestoga Wood Specialties ticks both boxes with an extensive range of superior cabinet door styles and a 99% track record in timely shipping.

Cabinet Door Styles: Trends and Popular Designs

Cabinet door trends have come and gone, from the pastel-painted steel cabinets of the 1950s to the neutral-colored joinery of the 1980s. Understanding what cabinet door styles are popular today helps ensure a better overall design for your client’s kitchen or bathroom. In addition, trending cabinets give your client an added advantage in the real estate market if they plan to sell their home soon.

One of the most long-standing styles of cabinets is the shaker variety. These inset-panel cabinets may have become popular in the 1700s, but their prominence is still evident today, especially in traditional homes. Shaker cabinets are distinct in using a combination of rail frames, panel construction and recessed panel doors for optimal functionality.

Some other trending cabinet designs and styles to look out for include:

  • Wood grain cabinets featuring a stain.
  • Off-white cabinets for a simplistic yet elegant kitchen design.
  • Combining modern and traditional cabinet styles for a unique look.

Partnering with an established cabinet door manufacturer helps you leverage dependable designs regarding aesthetics and structural integrity. As home renovations require significant time and money, timeless designs ensure long-term client satisfaction.


The Role of Cabinet Door Styles in a Home Renovation

Cabinet doors go beyond providing functionality to your client’s kitchen or bathroom. They play an integral role in the overall aesthetics of living spaces, helping to tie in the various interior elements for a streamlined finish. Cabinetry also offers a unique way to express homeowner style, as there are endless ways to customize cabinet solutions. With the option to choose between painted, stained and glazed cabinets, there are endless ways to achieve a personalized interior design.

The Role of Cabinet Door Styles in a Home Renovation

Once your client has selected their dream cabinets, the onus is on them to ensure they stand the test of time. Here are some tips for greater longevity:

  • Clean regularly: Frequently wipe your cabinets with a soft cloth to extend their life span.
  • Identify high-traffic areas: The cutlery drawer is just one example likely to see increased traffic. Maintain these areas with a regular cleaning schedule.
  • Deep clean periodically: Instead of using corrosive cleaners, mild cleaners are just as effective for maintaining cabinets.

Select Cabinet Doors From Conestoga Wood Specialties

Select Cabinet Doors From Conestoga Wood Specialties

Aside from the practical role cabinet doors play in concealing household contents, they are also instrumental in elevating your client’s interior design. Use our helpful guide to assist you in recommending the best cabinet design and styles for maximum home appeal.

With the help of over 1000 experienced craftspeople, Conestoga Wood Specialties manufactures an extensive range of cabinet options to suit your clients’ unique preferences and budgets. Our premium cabinet doors are backed by dependable delivery times, enabling you to meet project deadlines and ensure maximum customer satisfaction. For more information on how our joinery solutions help you fulfill your client’s home renovation dreams, reach out to our team today!