A beautiful kitchen inspires people to create dishes that bring them joy. Many people are always looking for ways to improve the look and feel of their kitchens, and cabinets play a major role in creating a beautiful, functional area. By keeping up with the newest kitchen cabinet trends, you can assist your customers in creating their dream space.

What Style of Kitchen Cabinet Doors Are in? 

In the last few years, perceptions about the kitchen have changed. More than ever, people are returning to traditional design approaches, from classic colors to conventional materials. In many ways, trends like all-white kitchens are on the way out, and opportunities for timeless designs are becoming more common.

What’s on the horizon for 2024? Check out our list of the most popular kitchen cabinet ideas for the coming year.

What Style of Kitchen Cabinet Doors Are in?

1. Stained Wood Grain Cabinets

Many people are now looking for ways to bring elements of nature into their homes — one of those spaces being the kitchen. With wood grain cabinets, homeowners can create a more earthy atmosphere with lots of texture. In particular, staining wood kitchen cabinets is on the rise, allowing individuals to customize how their cabinets look while still retaining that natural feel.

2. Creamy White Cabinets

Nothing says simplicity like white, but cool-toned, true whites can give off a harsh feel, leading homeowners to choose softer, creamier alternatives for wall colors. When it comes to kitchen cabinet colors, off-whites are a top choice, as they allow homeowners to create a neutral base for other colors throughout the rest of the kitchen.

The key to integrating any kind of white color into your kitchen is pairing it with other colors, so you can add visual depth to the space. One example would be having creamy white cabinets and a warm-toned wood kitchen island. Additionally, homeowners might incorporate splashes of natural colors like greens and blues in places like backsplash to round out the design.

3. Cabinets With Red and Orange Undertones

Wood with red and orange undertones will likely make waves this coming year, adding a sense of earthy boldness to kitchens. The key to nailing these wood colors is incorporating them with warmer colors, like creamy whites, so they don’t become too harsh and overbearing. For example, aiming for soft neutrals throughout the rest of the kitchen can create the perfect balance.

4. Modern and Traditional Cabinet Combinations

There’s much to appreciate about modern and traditional styles, and many choose to embrace both in their kitchens. Implementing these styles allows a kitchen to embrace both simple features and modern designs, resulting in a classically sleek look that will only get better with time. Incorporating both styles can help you create a space that looks great for years, even as trends come and go.

In 2024, kitchen cabinet updating will likely involve a combination of traditional and modern design choices in many homes.


Staining Wood Is Becoming a Major Trend for 2024

Specifically, stained wood is slowly becoming a favorite of homeowners, and many people will be looking to integrate the look into their kitchens. Due to consumers wanting to embrace more earthy looks in these spaces, wood staining is one of the best ways to achieve a clean, natural look. Plus, staining allows you to choose a wood grain you like and customize it to your preferred tone.

Just as there are numerous wood species you can use for your kitchen cabinets, you can find various cabinet stain colors to help you achieve the look you desire. Whether you’re interested in a light stain for a brighter look or prefer a deep brown tone for a more traditional kitchen, you can help make your vision come to life with wood stain. This level of customization makes stained wood a top option for kitchens in 2024.

Top Cabinet Door Materials to Keep in Mind for 2024

Cabinet materials can make or break a kitchen’s overall appearance, especially because certain materials can allow for more customization options. Some popular cabinet materials designers have been integrating into kitchens include:

1. Medium-Density Fiberboard

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is one of the most sustainable cabinet materials. With the world embracing materials that have a positive impact on the environment, it’s unsurprising that the material will be trendy.

This material is made of recycled wood fibers and particles. The result is a sturdy, beautiful and lightweight material that comes in various colors to suit customer preferences.

2. Natural Hardwood

With people going for a nature-inspired look in their kitchens, natural hardwood will be in high demand. Natural hardwood is the most durable kitchen cabinet material, allowing these cabinets to last for years to come. There are dozens of high-quality natural wood species on the market, so homeowners can choose various options for their kitchens, whether they’re interested in aligning with 2024 trends or choosing something more unique.

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