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Sunriver Brand Transition

West Coast Operations to Merge with Conestoga Brand

Conestoga initially purchased Sunriver Industries in 2008, since then, the company has been able to market Sunriver as a West Coast product line, supplying cabinetry doors, drawer fronts, and architectural accent pieces in a variety of stains and finishes. On the West Coast, it remained known as Sunriver, despite being owned and operated by Conestoga.

 Fast forward to 2015, and Conestoga is proud to announce that within 12 to 18 months, Sunriver will be fully merged into the Conestoga Wood Specialties brand. In the short term, both Sunriver personnel in Kent, WA and the Conestoga team in East Earl, PA will continue to use the Sunriver name to distinguish products, but communication efforts, branding, packaging, advertising, and public relations efforts will gradually transition to the Conestoga name and logo.

 To ensure a successful and smooth transition, a task force comprising Conestoga and Sunriver employees has been assembled to identify key communication objectives, and establish a timeline for the brand transition.

 With this project well underway, here are the important facts to note:

  • There are no planned changes to personnel, support staff, etc. at the Sunriver facility
  • The Sunriver manufacturing facility will not see any physical changes aside from branding, signage, etc.
  • Manufacturing will remain on the West Coast at the current Sunriver facility in Kent, WA (located outside of Seattle, WA).

 “Sunriver has a solid reputation for quality product and good service,” said Jeff Eichenseer, Director of Marketing at Conestoga Wood Specialties. “Its west coast presence and reputation has helped us grow our reach in that region which positions it to now fully reflect the Conestoga Wood Specialties brand.”

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