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Kitchen designers will be checking out this new advancement in range hood creation. It’s Conestoga Wood’s new Strata TSS (Thermo Structured Surfaces) range hood offerings – innovations that will give them more flexibility than ever when designing this ever-popular kitchen focal point. Strata TSS offers designers extraordinary options in a wide variety of textures and colors that enable them to push their designs over the top.

For designers creating with a contemporary flair, there’s Conestoga’s new AMH2 offering which features clean, straight lines and an all flat panel construction and box-type design that’s a perfect complement to the slab, full overlay styles of many of today’s modern kitchens. The height of the AMH2 lower box remains constant, yet the overall width can grow to the satisfaction of the designer’s eye. It’s available in the entire range of Strata colors and textures and can be used as a complementary twist, or throughout the entire kitchen.

AMH1, Left AMH2, Right AMH1 (Left), AMH2 (Right)

If it’s a transitional look that you’re going for, AMH1 fits the bill. It features a multi-piece removable front panel for easy ventilation system access, as well as a display shelf that’s positioned between the upper wainscot panel and lower apron. Certain specific AMH1 colors align perfectly with Conestoga’s 5-piece Strata door offering.

Jeff Eichenseer, Conestoga Director of Marketing & Product Development shares, “We’re very excited to extend our very popular, design-flexible Strata TSS materials into our range hood collection. Now designers can have all the textural and color benefits of Strata TSS to give them the range hood design flexibility they want to create stylish looks for both contemporary and transitional kitchens. Plus, from a practical standpoint, both the Strata TSS AMH1 and AMH2 hood bottoms are lined with anodized aluminum laminate in a stainless steel finish. And the bottom panels are removable to make cutting of ventilator openings easy. This new offering is yet another way Conestoga is leading the way in providing designers with the ability to create on their terms.”