WG108 reeded shown in Satin Steel

Since the relaunch of our Wire Grille Program in Fall 2019, they have been selling like hotcakes! These strong sales go hand-in-hand with the growing use of mixed materials in custom kitchens. To help support this growth, we have expanded our offering! Similar in appearance to the WG102 and WG103, the WG108 and WG109 provide a more traditional square mesh pattern!

  Single crimped, 1/16″x1/8″ wire with 3/4″ mesh openings in either reeded or flat wire.

  Three attractive finishes: Antique Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Satin Steel.

  Cut-to-Size and Full Sheets offered. 

Note: the Full Sheet size is 20” x 42” – slightly smaller than the other full sheet wire grilles. The Wire Grille Display Unit has also been expanded to include these two new grille patterns. For pricing and further details contact Customer Service.

Satin Steel Astoria Frame only door
WG109 shown in Satin Steel Astoria Frame only door.
WG109 wire grille sheet in Satin Steel
WG109 reeded shown in Satin Steel