Conestoga Wood Specialties has received the annual KCMA Environmental StewardshipKCMA Certification Badge Program (ESP) certification for 2022. This certification supports our commitment to conservation and ensures our compliance in air quality, emissions, sustainable material usage, energy-efficient cabinet manufacturing, and waste and recycling management.

This year for our annual renewal we were able to certify that more than 80% of the MDF that we purchase meets the Eco-Certified Composite (ECC 4-19) standard. The ECC 4-19 standard is a voluntary industry standard developed by the Composite Panel Association (CPA) and includes an onsite evaluation and yearly audits of composite material manufacturing plants.  In addition to complying with the CARB and EPA formaldehyde emissions, the ECC 4-19 standard considers the plants carbon footprint, use of local and renewable resources, recycled/recovered materials, sustainability and wood sourcing.  CWS is purchasing MDF that exceeds environmental and sustainable expectations by not only complying with the federal formaldehyde regulations, but also meeting ECC 4-19 standards.