Conestoga Wood Introduces Gunsmoke, their Newest Unique Colourtone that Customers have been aiming for.

All you need to do is bounce around just about any HGTV remodeling series to see lots and lots of light-tone kitchen remodels…especially in greys. Homeowners love them…and they’re here to stay…which is why Conestoga has been flooded with requests for more! And they sure have hit the target with their new Gunsmoke Colourtone – a luscious silvery-grey shade that hits the mark, to say the least.

Conestoga Director of Marketing & Product Development, Jeff Eichenseer:  “Our Colourtone and Heirloom collections have been updated and refreshed to include our unique, customer-inspired Gunsmoke silvery-grey, literally by popular demand. Designers can choose from multiple species and several glaze accents and finish treatments, and we love them all. And most of all, we love fulfilling the design desires of our customers.”

Explore the subtle mystique of Gunsmoke and the available species, glazes, and finish treatments and update your sample kit. Speak to Customer Service to learn more.

Gunsmoke with different color glazes on Hard Maple