Image: (Left) Driftwood on Quarter Sawn White Oak frame, Portabella on Cherry panel. (Right) Gunsmoke frame, Regent Blue panel. (Bottom) Espresso on White Oak frame, Natural on Walnut Veneer panel. 

Step outside the single-color zone with Conestoga’s Two-Tone Finishes.

Contrasting finishes on kitchen islands or base cabinets to add a splash of color has been gaining momentum in recent years. But now there is a new panel on the block: Two-Tone finishes.

Customize your kitchen design by incorporating multiple colors of paints and stains, all within the same door and drawer front. Subtle or bold, Conestoga’s Two-Tone finish option adds character and dimension to your next kitchen project.

Want even more variety? The Two-Tone Finishing Option also allows you not only mix and match finishes but also different species within the door when you order the TW-10 door and drawer front design using Con-Nex, Conestoga’s online ordering software. Eligible finishes include Colourtones, Prism Paints, Truetones, and Wiping Stains. Take your creativity to a whole new with two-tone finishes. The possibilities are just about endless!

A Two-Toned panel with a regent blue frame and a natural finish white oak panel.
Regent Blue frame, natural finish on Quarter Sawn White Oak panel.
A two-toned panel with a gunsmoke frame and regent blue panel.
Gunsmoke frame, Regent Blue panel
A two-toned panel with driftwood on a quarter sawn white oak frame with a portabella on Cherry panel.
Driftwood on Quarter Sawn White Oak frame, Portabella on Cherry panel