The Vogue TTS Collection proudly introduces 5 new woodgrain patterns

Ideal for residential, office, or institutional spaces, Vogue TTS replicates the look and feel of natural woodgrain, offering practical durability without sacrificing style. Designed for easy care and maintenance, Vogue surfaces feature an anti-bacterial property that kills up to 99% of the bacterial load within 24 hours.

Now available in 9 embossed woodgrains, there are more ways than ever to design a budget-friendly space. New offerings include various shades of warm browns (Nogal Slow, Roble Denver, Roble Eternity) and contemporary grays (Roble Joplin, Roble Stella). When added to the existing options, the Vogue Collection is sure to provide a visual aesthetic perfectly suited to your needs.

Each color is available in Slab, 3-Piece, and 5-Piece doors and drawer fronts, as well as a full range of TTS accessories. As an added bonus, optional floating shelves are obtainable in custom lengths ranging from 24” to 60”.