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Thermally Textured Surfaces (TTS) look and feel like natural woodgrain, offering practical durability and elegant style at budget-friendly prices. Designed for easy care and maintenance, our Intrigue, Strata and Vogue TTS product lines come in various patterns, colors, and textures.

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Benefits of Thermally Textured Surface Doors From Conestoga Wood Specialties

Offering lower costs than finished natural wood doors, Conestoga offers three product lines that utilize thermally fused laminate material. These materials and our investment in and use of the latest machinery create our TTS products. Offering thermally textured surface doors, drawer fronts, and accessories to your clients and customers helps them add lifelike depth to their design’s appearance. Trusting us with your TTS door and accessory needs offers the following benefits:

Beautiful Design

TTS products feature modern finishes, and they are popular due to the various options they present. Whether a client desires a traditional or a more modern, minimalist design, you can complement their style with TTS cabinet doors. From faux wood grain to white cabinets, thermally textured surfaces cater to numerous aesthetics.


TTS products are budget-friendly options for clients and customers, but they also offer incredible style and durability. When you offer TTS products, you allow your customers to create the kitchen they desire while staying within their financial limits. While wood products are excellent options, TTS requires less maintenance to preserve appearance and functionality. TTS materials are highly scratch- and wear-resistant, and they are less vulnerable to humidity and temperature fluctuations than natural wood products.


Custom TTS doors allow you to meet your customers’ and clients’ needs. A wide range of colors, designs, and size variations allow you to match cabinet doors to specific styles. Whether a customer needs cabinet doors and mouldings matching their existing look or you’re creating a new aesthetic for a client’s kitchen, we can provide the kitchen you need.

Advanced Technology and Thorough Processes

Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment and thorough processes to create products. We select materials so each product meets the highest standards. Advanced technology and the latest machinery allow us to produce high-quality cabinet doors and accessories efficiently, ensuring you can impress your customers with top-tier products in a timely manner.

Fine Craftsmanship

Fine craftsmanship contributes to our high-quality products. Our team uses expert knowledge and skills through the industry’s best training to create superior cabinet doors. When you order TTS or other materials from true craftsmen, you can expect first-rate results. We stand behind our products and ensure each one meets expectations before it leaves our facilities.

Dependability and Support

You can depend on Conestoga Wood Specialties to provide the product you expect and deliver it on time. Our customer service team offers reliable support, and our online tools allow you to monitor your account, request quotes and place orders seamlessly. When we receive your order, we send a shipping and delivery date.

Purchase TTS Cabinet Doors and AccessoriesFrom Conestoga Wood Specialties

TTS cabinet doors are excellent products you can offer to your clients and customers, impressing them with products that meet their budgets and style expectations. Conestoga Wood Specialties offers high-quality, long-lasting TTS cabinet doors and fast delivery you can rely on. Contact us to request a quote or place an order.