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Custom Cabinet Door Styles

Conestoga Wood Specialties is your go-to source for custom-built kitchen cabinet doors and accessories. Our company has provided quality manufacturing since 1964. We offer various styles, construction, materials and finishes to meet all your design needs.

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The Benefits of Custom Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts

Are you looking for an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind kitchen cabinet design? Or do you want to ensure perfection with exact details and dimensions? Some of the benefits of choosing custom cabinet doors and related components include: 

  • Design options: A personalized look can include any wood species or alternative materials, finishes and treatments. 
  • Perfect dimensions: When you choose custom cabinets, the doors and drawer front are made to fit perfectly for the ideal look. 
  • Higher-quality work: A custom cabinet door is handcrafted by skillful craftspeople who view their work as an art form. 
  • Increased home value: Quality cabinets provide a long-lasting storage upgrade that can increase your property value.


Types of Cabinet Door Styles

Customization allows one to embrace personal choices, feel passionate about design, and make a space stand out. You can browse these style categories to get inspiration for your project.


contemporary cabinet door looks sleek and refined. It may feature smooth surfaces and straight lines. 


The farmhouse cabinet door design embraces a skilled, handcrafted look. It may include a 5-piece door X-shaped side panels. 


traditional cabinet door usually showcases wood grains and patterns. It often features a raised panel construction.


The transitional cabinet doors feature a mix of classic and modern details. These designs may include solid wood or alternative materials, such as decorative laminate veneer. 

Additional Cabinet Style Considerations 

At Conestoga Wood Specialties, any type of cabinet door is possible. We encourage you to use our online Door Designer tool to see how the construction, material and finish you choose will look together. 


The construction of a cabinet door impacts its overall look. We offer doors with recessed panels, raised panels, mitered construction, beaded panels, mortise and tenon construction, one-piece slabs, five-piece doors, and applied molding. Accent doors, glass doors, and solid wood designs are also available.


The type of material in a cabinet door impacts its appearance, ease of use, durability, and price point. We provide solid wood, plywood, hybrid, medium-density fiberboard, thermally textured surfaces, decorative laminate veneer, and super matte and high-gloss options. 


A paint, stain or glaze finish impacts the final look of your cabinet door. We offer a variety of finish treatments to create a brushed, distressing, heirloom, pinstripe, two-tone, unitone, vintage or weathered effect. 

Why Partner With Conestoga Wood Specialties?

Conestoga Wood Specialties is proud to support designers, cabinet manufacturers and cabinet shops of all sizes. When you partner with us, you receive American-made products that are: 

  • Custom: We make every order to your exact specifications. 
  • High-quality: We hire true craftspeople to make each product with old-world techniques and innovative technology. 
  • Environmentally friendly: Our recycling efforts and manufacturing process with minimized waste can help you reach your green initiatives and sustainability goals. 
  • Covered with warranties: Warranties are available for all our products. 

Place Your Order for Custom Kitchen Cabinet Doors 

With Conestoga Wood Specialties, purchasing cabinet doors and components is straightforward. Our Customer Business Portal provides a seamless way to place a quote and finalize your order. Partner with an expert cabinet door contractor today!