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Cabinet Materials

The material your doors are made from plays a major role in what your kitchen will look like. Here you can view a number of different wood species so you can choose the materials that best fit your tastes and lifestyle.

  • Solid Wood

    Solid Wood

    25 species and grade offerings allow you to display the natural beauty of wood in our solid hardwood program.

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  • Decorative Laminate Veneer

    Decorative Laminate Veneer

    Choose from smooth or textured melamine veneers that are dimensionally stable, environmentally safe and heat resistant.

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  • High Gloss

    High Gloss

    The High Gloss program offers three levels of high gloss coatings: from PET film (Mera) to our UV Lacquer (Multa), to the innovative glass-like PET-G material (Vetro).
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  • Medium-Density Fiberboard

    Medium-Density Fiberboard

    Cost effective and durable, MDF products wear well and are a great alternative to solid wood doors.

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  • Thermally Textured Surfaces

    Thermally Textured Surfaces

    TTS product lines include Intrigue, Strata, and Vogue. Each offer a realistic wood look and varying degrees of textures at a budget-friendly price.
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  • Plywood Panel

    Plywood Panel

    Plywood panel doors and drawer fronts provide maximum stability in high-humidity environments and dry climates.

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  • Wood Veneer

    Wood Veneer

    Attractive and contemporary, our wood veneer doors are available in a variety of species.

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