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Get Intrigue TTS Matching Paint Colors for any of your Cabinetry Components and Accessories

Introduced in mid 2020, Conestoga’s Intrigue TTS (Thermally Textured Surfaces) alternative material doors and drawer fronts available in Slab, 3-Piece, and 5-Piece Euro-inspired subtle wood grain designs, and five intriguing colors – Whisper ultra white, Inkwell deep dark black, dark Naval Grey, mellow, lighter Castle Grey, and light, warm tan Khaki. Intrigue in all of these luscious colors have been extremely well received…and Conestoga also offers matching paints for front frames, end panels, mouldings, and any decorative accessories that cabinet manufacturers want to match to their Intrigue selection.

Conestoga offers perfectly matching paints developed through their DuraGuard Prism Paint Program so that cabinet shops can order any Intrigue color paint for cost-effective application in house, or order pre-painted wood components from Conestoga for added convenience! For best matching results, Conestoga recommends selecting an open grain specie such as Red Oak to best achieve a complementary appearance to the Intrigue TTS material.

Conestoga Director of Marketing & Product Development, Jeff Eichenseer: “Cabinet shops often want an easy, accurate way to match their wood component colors with our alternative materials door styles. That’s why we also offer a super easy way to achieve this with our Intrigue TTS line. It’s simplifying and cost-effective, developed through our DuraGuard Prism Paint Program, and the color match and quality are extraordinary. Intrigue TTS is a high quality, extremely durable alternative material that resists scratches, abrasions and rub marks, has antibacterial properties, and is super easy to clean – all in a unique, subtle Euro-style grain pattern.”